Maple Chase thermostat troubleshooting

Thermostat does not turn on systemCheck Wiring
Check fuse. Replace with 3 amp fuse if fuse has opened.
Thermostat turns on and off too frequently.Increase Temperature Differential
Display is blank, flashing or constant "LO BAT."Replace batteries.
System fan does not operate properly.Move fan option switch to either gas or electric, to match system.
Time shown on display is not the current time of day.Change time of day setting.
Thermostat does not follow program.Thermostat in MANUAL mode Thermostat may not have been programmed in HEAT or COOL position. Verify program.
Check AM/PM indicators at time of day and programmed time changes Verify program and day of week is correct.
Thermostat does not advance day of weekTo view or change day of week