White rodgers thermostat error codes

White Rodgers SuperStat Pro Programmable thermostat error codes

Error codeSolution
Display is BlankThe thermostat gets its power from the indoor air handler, or if gas furnace from a 120 volt outlet. If these have power.
Time is not Correct.Wait for about one minute after power interruption for the system to reset the time. If the time is still not correct after several minutes
Display is Flashing• If flashing between time and temperature setpoint - Normal operation for the unit.
• If flashing COMM ERR.
• If flashing AUX and +2 - Normal operation. With a heat pump, indicates the resistance strip heat (Aux) is operating in conjunction with the heat pump compressor.
• If +2 on lower right of display - Normal operation. For a two-speed compressor, indicates that the compressor is operating in the high speed.
• If flashing HOLD - Normal operation. Indicates a temporary hold is in place. Press RUN to reset
The green light stays On, it does not flash (Green light next to the UP/DOWN buttons).Normal operation. Indicates that a Critical Event is in effect
The green light stays On, it does not flash, the UP/DOWN buttons do not workIf the green light is On and the buttons will not change the display, your thermostat may need service
Display numbers/segments are fading outThe thermostat requires service
STG 1 is indicated but the unit is not running• Verify that the breakers are not tripped for both the air handler and the outdoor compressor. Reset the breakers. If power is being supplied to the equipment, and the thermostat indicates the system is On (STG 1 icon displayed), call your heating and cooling contractor.
• If outdoor AC breaker is tripped, reset it, and then if it trips again, call your heating and cooling contractor.

White Rodgers BNP125 thermostat error codes

Error code Solution
The display indicates E1 or E2.Faulty thermal sensor. Contact the customer service.
The display does not turn on.Check if the thermostat is properly connected.
The display turns off a few minutes and then turns on again.The thermal protection of the heating unit has opened due to overheating. Check if the heating unit is in good condition of operation and that clearance around the appliance is according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
The display has low contrast when heating is on.The load is lower than the minimum load. Install a heating unit that is within the load limits of the thermostat.
The displayed ambient temperature is incorrect.Check the presence of an air stream or a heat source near the thermostat, and correct the situation.
Weak luminosity of the display.Possibility of a bad contact. Check thermostat wirings.