York Thermostat Troubleshooting

You’ve got a York thermostat, and it doesn’t work for some reason? Use the York thermostat troubleshooting manual from this page: it describes the most common technical problems, their possible reasons, and the ways to fix the issues. The tables cover different York models, and also include error codes.

York LX Series Thermostat Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
The air conditioning does not attempt to turn on. The compressor timer lockout may prevent the air conditioner from turning on for a period of time Consult the Owner’s Manual in the Installer Setup section to defeat the Cycles Per Hour
The display is blank Lack of proper power Make sure the power is on to the furnace and that you have 24vac between R & C
The air conditioning does not attempt to turn on. The cooling setpoint is set too high Lower the cooling setpoint or lower the cooling set- point limit.
The heating does not attempt to turn on The heating setpoint is set too low. Raise the heating setpoint or raise the heating set- point limit
When controlling a residential heat pump, and asking for cooling, the heat comes on. The thermostat reversing valve jumper is set for “B”. Set the reversing valve jumper for “0”.
When calling for cooling, both the heat and cool come on The thermostat equipment jumper is configured for “HP” and the HVAC unit is a Gas/Electric. Set the equipment jumper for “Gas”
When the Program button is pressed, the display reads “DISABLED”. Program mode is set to “NON PROGRAM”. Set Program Mode to 1. 5/2, or 7 Day

York ARTTP001S Thermostat Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Thermostat has no dlsplay Check wiring between thermostat and sensor. Incorrect wiring can damage the thermostat, transformer or blow a fuse. Check 24VAC supply
Thermostat reads “AC” 24VAC power is disconnected
Not sure if dlsplay Is showing local or remob temperature Breathe on the wall near the bottom left corner of the thermostat. Temperature will go up for a few seconds if sensing locally
Thermostat displays very high temperature Wires on sensor element are shorted together. Separate them
Thermostat displays very low temperature Check wiring of probe or duct sensor. Sensor element is not connected to board or is broken
Temperature display jumps up and down several degrees within seconds Thermostat requires a few seconds to stabilize after power is turned on. If display continues to be erratic, there is too great a distance between the indoor sensor box and the duct sensor. Move the box closer to the duct sensor or use shielded cable

York DPC1 Thermostat Troubleshooting

Code Designation
11/21/31 Compressor discharge temperature surpased or short circuited probe
12/ 22 /32 High Pressure switch, outdoor fan overload or compressor motor protection module
13/23/33 Low Pressure switch
14 Indoor fan thermal switch
15/25/35 Repeated start-ups in cool, or suction temperature < -25°C
16 Liquid temperature < -30°C
41 Gas 1 or electrical heater 1
42 Gas 2 or electrical heater 2
43 Electrical heater 3
44 Electrical heater 4
45 Economizer or hot water coil
46 Smoke detector, fire thermostat or air discharge temperature probe (rooftop only) >80°C
91 Selected probe not valid or short circuited probe
92 Thermostat internal probe not calibrate
93 No communication between the thermostat and the main PCB (Yklon)
94 Failure with terminal “AL” connected
95 Digital probe S5 not detected
96 Digital probe S6 not detected
97 Digital probe S7 not detected
98 Digital probe S8 not detected
99 Outdoor digital probe not detected