5E Error on a Samsung Washing Machine – What to Check?

Samsung washing machine 5e error can occur quite often if the owners do not provide proper care for their washer, and sometimes it may appear even in normal conditions.

Why does the error appear?

Error 5E usually appears on the display of the Samsung washing machine after it completes the wash – when the washer tries to start rinsing the laundry. According to the program, at this point the machine must drain the dirty soapy water that was used for washing, and fill clean water for rinsing. This is where the problem occurs. The system simply cannot drain the dirty water and the controller displays error 5E.

Thus, this error occurs due to the inability of the washer to drain water. Possible causes of this error:

  • the drain filter is clogged so heavily that water simply cannot get through it to the drain hose;
  • there is a clog in the drain hose – either at the point of the junction with the filter or at the junction with the siphon;
  • water can’t leave the drum due to faulty drain pump.

In some models of Samsung washing machines, nd or SE codes may appear instead of error 5e, but you should be aware that this is all the same error. Do not confuse it with code E5. It indicates a malfunction of the heating element.

Detecting the source of the error

If the washing machine suddenly stops during washing cycle and code 5E appears on the display, the first thing you need to do is check the filter, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the appliance.

Next, you need to check the drain hose as it can possibly have a clog in it. Take out all the laundry from the drum, disconnect the drain hose from the siphon or sewer pipe and put its end into a bathtub or sink to see if the water actually leaves the machine. After that, start the washing program and watch what happens. If the pump tries to push the water through the hose, but it barely runs, it means there is a clog in the hose.

Samsung washing machines work fairly quietly, but if you listen to how they work during draining water, you can distinguish the specific sound produced by the drain pump. Thus, if you put the end of the drain hose into the bathtub and water does not come out of it after completing the wash cycle and you don’t hear the specific sound of the drain pump – then, most likely the problem is associated with the drain pump!

What should you do?

How to quickly clean the filter?

  1. Find the plastic cover protecting the filter and the emergency drain hose in the lower right corner of the machine. Open it up.
  2. Take a container for draining dirty water from the drum (something like a basin).
  3. Remove the plug from the small rubber hose and drain all the water into the container.
  4. Without removing the container, turn the cap half turn counterclockwise and remove it.
  5. Inspect the hole for any foreign objects, pull out all the dirt you find including lumps of fluff and hair.
  6. Put the cap back, insert the plug into the emergency drain hose, and then close the plastic cover.

If the cause of error 5E was has to do with a serious clog in the drain hose, then you will need to disconnect it from the washing machine, and then rinse it with a powerful jet of water. While flushing the hose with water, try to bend and unbend it, to make the dirt lump jump out faster. It is also possible that a blockage was formed inside the sewer pipe or in the siphon.

In the worst case, error 5E may be caused by a breakdown of the drain pump. In order to get access to it, you will you will need to turn the machine around and remove the back wall. Finding the location of the drain pump is nothing difficult. Look at the valve to which the drain hose is connected – this valve, in turn, is connected to the drain pump.