Error code ND displayed on Samsung washer

Modern washing machines are equipped with numerous systems that simplify the life of the user. In addition to a variety of modes, devices can help out in problem situations. If a failure occurs, the device will notify the owner. Samsung washers have a long list of codes by which you can understand what caused the incorrect operation. One such message is the “Nd” error. It indicates a malfunction of the dirty water drain system.

Next, it will be described in detail why an error appears on the display and what to do to make the equipment work again in normal mode.

Interpretation of the code on Samsung models

An “Nd” error on a front loading machine means that the machine cannot drain the water. The code indication is triggered when it is impossible to get rid of the liquid in the compartment for 15 minutes. The reason for this behavior of the washing machine is often blockages in the hose and filter. Sometimes the problem may be due to a breakdown of the drain pump, a clogged riser and sewer.

Draining process

During the program, the washing machine is filled several times with clean water. Before this, the dirty liquid must be drained. The indicated process is the main one and without it, washing clothes will not work.

Draining process

The last drain of water from the drum occurs before the spin cycle. The liquid moves down to the drain pump. The device, in turn, passes dirty water through a filter and discharges it into the sewer.

The code “Nd” on the display indicates violations in the system. However, the washing machine only narrows down the list of possible malfunctions. The owner will have to establish the exact “diagnosis” by accompanying signs during the diagnosis.

The user can confirm the suspicion of a malfunctioning water drain system by inspecting the drum after the cycle is complete. If there is still liquid in it, then the machine has not coped with its removal in the normal mode.

Causes of problems and solutions

The probable causes of the malfunction of the Samsung washing machine, which gives the “Nd” error, are blockages and failure of individual parts. Solutions will vary depending on the source of the problem.

Clogged pump or filter

Since the washing machine discharges used water through several elements of the system, the cause of the malfunction may lie in each of them. The drain filter traps large particles that enter the drum with clothes. It can be lint, foreign small objects or dirt.

Clogged pump or filter

The filter element inevitably accumulates debris and gradually becomes more and more clogged. The accumulation of fluff and dirt will interfere with the operation of the washer if the filter is not cleaned in a timely manner. As a result, the component will stop letting water through at all, returning it to the drum.

The solution to this problem is to clean the filter. To access it, the user will have to open a small panel on the front of the machine. Before servicing the part, it is worth draining the remaining water, taking a cloth and a small bucket. To remove the filter, turn it counterclockwise. It is worth pulling out the element for cleaning carefully, since water will flow out onto the floor along with it.

Clogged drain hose

This element of the washing machine is connected to the sewer. Water enters it after the filter, but this does not mean at all that the reason cannot be in this place. Sometimes the flexible hose becomes clogged with dirt, kinked or pinched by something heavy. In some situations, the machine presses down the drain element, flattening it with its weight. This situation is typical when the equipment is installed incorrectly. If the washer is placed on a slope, the vibration will constantly move it across the floor.

One way or another, any of the indicated reasons will be a good reason for the appearance of the “Nd” error. If the corresponding code is displayed on the display, then you should immediately inspect the hose. It attaches to the back of the car. If there are no visible kinks and deformations, then the part will have to be removed for cleaning. No tools are required to dismantle the product. The user needs to detach the element by placing it in a bucket and then take out the opposite end. This is followed by flushing the part from blockages.

The user is advised to pay close attention to the placement of the drain hose when reinstalling. The connection of the product must not lead to numerous kinks. The less the element bends, the better the waste water passes through it.

Drain blockage

The next step in diagnosing a malfunction is checking the sewer system. As a rule, the drain hose is freely inserted into the pipe that brings water out of the apartment. In addition to the washing machine, a bathtub, sinks, toilet bowl and other appliances are connected to the network. A blockage can occur anywhere.

The appearance of the error “Nd” indicates problems with the withdrawal of fluid. However, machine components are not always the cause. For example, if during a drain there is a release of water from the drain in the bathroom, then the sewer is clogged somewhere further.

Drain blockage

To restore the performance of the equipment, you will need to eliminate the blockage. Sometimes it’s hard to do it yourself, but it’s worth a try. As a means, a cable for cleaning pipes and a special tool that acts on fat, hair and other types of contaminants that clog the system are suitable. If there is no result, the user is advised to invite a plumber.

Faulty pump

The drainage element pumps water out of the machine. It turns on several times per wash cycle. If other probable causes of the error were excluded during the diagnostic process, then you need to move on to the pumping device. The drain pump may break due to foreign objects. The latter often damage the impeller.

The defective component is replaced with a new one. To carry out repairs, the user will have to examine the bottom of the washing machine and remove the panel. The pump is held on by screws that need to be unscrewed. You will also have to disconnect the electrical connectors and hose connections. After installing a new part, the device is assembled in the reverse order.

Clearing the “Nd” Code on Samsung Models

Before clearing the error from the washing machine display, you need to fix the problem. The user is advised to check each node involved in draining the water. This is the only way to make sure that everything is in order. After successfully solving the problems, the washing machine reboots, and the code disappears from the display.

Samsung washer Nd code

How to reset the washing machine

To “zero” you need to perform several actions. The sequence will be as follows:

  • disconnection of the device from the network. To do this, the user must remove the plug from the socket. An alternative option is to turn off the machine;
  • waiting for discharge of accumulated electrical energy. To do this, just leave the machine alone for five minutes;
  • reconnecting the washing machine to the mains (turning on the machine responsible for powering the equipment).

Reset will clear the memory of the device, deleting all errors when the malfunctions are fixed. If the display shows the code “Nd” again, the problem has not been solved. It is worth re-checking all possible components of the device.

Diagnostic mode on Samsung models

Modern technology is equipped with an electronic part that allows you to diagnose for the presence of active errors. To check fault codes, including “Nd”, you need to enter a special mode. The latter is usually used by service center specialists to troubleshoot the car. However, the user can also independently carry out diagnostics.

To enter the special mode for diagnosing existing codes, you need to perform several actions. First, the user will have to turn on the washer. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the buttons “Level of contamination”, and “Delayed start”. A successful attempt will be accompanied by the appearance of zeros on the display and a sound signal. All faults are viewed by turning the switch. Active errors appear on the display. The highlighted letter “D” means the end of the list.

Diagnostic mode on Samsung washer

If during the diagnostic process the user did not see the codes, then they simply do not exist. This means complete serviceability of the equipment.

Checking the washing machine after repair

After the repair, there is a desire to check the performance of the washing machine. To test the technique, just run the full wash program. Due to the maximum load, each component will actively perform the tasks assigned to it. Despite the length of the process, this method is the best in terms of a full test of the washing machine. The performance of the drain will be visible closer to the end of the program.

The second option is the choice of a short program (rinse with spin). The check will take less time and will allow you to test the washer for the health of the drain system.