Tips: How to Replace Drain Hose on Samsung Washing Machine

Before you start replacing the drain hose, you must first drain the remaining water from the washing machine. To do this, remove the small cover located at the bottom of the washing machine and unscrew the drain filter.

How to change the hose

Replacing drain hose in Samsung washing machines is much easier than in washers of other brands. You will not need to remove any covers or insulation as you can reach the drain through the bottom of the washing machine.

Tilt the washing machine to the side to get easy access to the drain pump. The most convenient way to reach it is to put the washer is on the side. Next you need to disconnect the end of the hose from the pump. Take the pliers and use them to loosen the clamp.

After that, pull the hose out. Now it remains attached only to the body.

Make sure you remember how the hose is attached to the body and only then you may completely disconnect it.

If you can’t get to the end of the hose to disconnect it from the drain pump, then you may have to remove the pump first and only then disconnect the hose from it.

Now after the old hose is disconnected, you may install a new one. To do this, first put the hose in into the washing machine (But do not attach it to the body). Then connect one end to the pump with a clamp. If the pump was removed, put it back first. And only after the hose is attached to the pump, attach the hose to the body of the washing machine.

How to replace drain hose on Samsung washing machine with vertical drum

Replacing the drain hose in top-loading Samsung washing machines is no more difficult than in models with horizontal drum. The only difference is that such you will need to remove the side cover. Unscrew the bolts that hold it. After you unscrew the cover, remove it and put it aside. Inside, you will see a drain pump with a hose connected to it.

Next, before removing the drain hose from the washing machine, remember its location and how it is fixed to the walls of the washer. Loosen the clamp and disconnect the hose from the drain pump. After that, detach the hose from the body and put it aside. Next, lay a new drain hose and connect it to the pump securing it with a hose clamp. After that, fix the drain hose to the washing machine housing.