How to Clear the LC Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine?

If during the operation of your Samsung washing machine lc error code appears on the display, it may indicate that water spontaneously flows out of the unit.

At first, you need to check the height at which the drain hose is installed. If it is too low, it can make the water flow out of the washer. If it is installed at it should be, there is a chance that the drain hose is not properly connected to the sewer. LC error on Samsung washing machines may indicate a crack in the washing drum.

Fixing the breakage

First, you need to unplug the appliance. Next, check the position of the drain hose. It should go up from the washing machine, then it should be fixed with a special tie strap, and finally it should go down to the sewer drain hole.

After checking the correct position of the drain hose and filter, you need to start the Samsung washer with vertical or horizontal drum to ensure that the malfunction has been completely eliminated. Having detected cracks in the drum or poor condition of the seals, you should definitely call a professional repairman.