SE Error – Samsung Washing Machine Help Library

If the SE error code appears in the middle of the drain cycle, there is a drain issue: the water is not draining properly. Not unlikely, there is a clog or blockage, which is not letting the waste water out of the machine. Please, do not confuse the SE code with the 5E code.

Well, what does the SE fault code stand for?

This code appears when the Samsung machine fails to drain within the specified period of time. Also, you will hear a characteristic buzzing noise, which indicates that the draining has been insufficient for 15 minutes. This is when the 5E error code appears. To fix the problem, please, do the following:

  1. Check the drain filter at the bottom and clean it, if necessary. It could have gotten clogged.
  2. Check the drain hose behind the machine. Be sure it is not clogged or kinked. Disconnect the drain hose from the back, run water or blow through it. If it is blocked, take steps to clear it.
  3. Make sure that the drain hose is installed properly. Do not push it too far down the standpipe, because the hose’s end may become deformed and block the flow. On the other hand, it should be inserted far enough to hold firmly.
  4. Check the drain pump to ensure it is not blocked and it is getting power. If it is blocked or not powered, chances are it could have gotten blocked and needs a clean-up. If you have cleaned it, but the pump is still not working, check the wiring and connections. In some cases, it breaks down beyond repair and needs to be replaced.