Simple Steps Against Samsung Washing Machine Pump Problems

The most common Samsung washing machine pump problems are associated paper clips, buttons, thread, fines and other small items that get into it. You can fix the problem by simply cleaning the filter, located in the housing.

If the rotor of the motor does not rotate, then most likely the problem is associated with burnt winding, which can either be rewound or you may completely replace the drain pump itself.

Frequent washing in hot water may deform the motor housing. In this case, it is necessary to replace the pump of the Samsung washing machine.

If the impeller touches the casing, carefully remove it and cut each blade by approximately 1 mm with a sharp knife (make sure pump performance does not suffer).

How to replace the pump in Samsung washing machine

Samsung washing machines design features make it possible to repair it not only quite easily but also without any professional assistance.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to disconnect all communications – disconnect the appliance from power supply and sewage system, disconnect the wires from the pump motor.

Visual assessment of the pump is possible only after cleaning and allows to determine the need for its repair or replacement.

If you choose the replacement option, here’s how you should act:

  • remove the screws on the rear panel and remove the top cover;
  • take out the dispenser;
  • open the cover of the filter located in the bottom panel;
  • unscrew the screws and remove the bottom panel by sliding it to the right;
  • remove the 4 screws located under the panel;
  • open the door, loosen the clamp, remove the seal;
  • remove the 3 bolts under the top panel, remove the front cover;
  • remove the 3 bolts on the pump and the housing;
  • disconnect the pump from the electrical circuit;
  • pull out the pump from the filter;
  • install the new pump.

Assemble the washer in reverse order. You may put on the left side for your convenience.