5UD Error on a Samsung Washing Machine: Quick Tips

If your Samsung front load washing machine shows the 5UD error code, most likely, you have loaded too much or too little detergent.

Samsung Washer 5UD Fault Code

Most likely, you have loaded too much detergent or the wrong type of it. Manuals require that HE soap be used in a set amount, so that it all but lubricates the items, which rub against each other during a cycle. Sometimes, users load items with stains and soils so noticeable that they make them want to add more soap. This leads to the formation of excess suds, and the machine may find it hard to wash it away over a single rinse cycle. The error will stop the cycle before the stains and soils are cleared. You will end up with the opposite result.

If your HE machine requires the use of HE soap, do not use other types. The soap is intended for front load washing machines. Also, note the amount of soap to be used in this particular machine. Manufacturers specify the amount of soap to be used on the lid. Please, study the manual and see how much soap you should use for a particular type and number of items.

If the 5YD error has appeared on the display, disconnect the washing machine from the mains and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Not unlikely, it is just a glitch and the system needs a reset. This will allow capacitors on the control board to cool down, discharge and become operational again. If that is the case, the error will disappear after the reset.

Stop the cycle, open the door and unload the drum. Check it for suds. If the tub is foamed heavily, you will need to run a drain cycle. Use the no-spin option for quicker draining. Not unlikely, you will need to fill it a few times and cancel it. Some users advise to run a cycle using a cup of white vinegar to neutralize the soap and break down the suds. This way you will clean the drain hose and the sump as well.

If you have followed these procedures, but the error is still there, there may be a problem with the pressure switch. It may be tripped or blocked. Disconnect the ΒΌ black hose from the switch. Check it by blowing through it toward the tub to ensure it is not blocked. If it is, disconnect the hose at the other end and check the connection. If necessary, remove the gunk, debris and extra soap. Reconnect the hose and run a quick cycle. Most likely, the error will go.