Aire flo furnace error codes

Aire-Flo is a manufacturer of residential heating and cooling equipment, which includes heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces. The latter are gas-operarted and boast an up to 5-toon cooling capacity. Its heating size range amounts to 100,000 thermal units (British). The heat exchanger is made of aluminized steel. If installed properly and professionally and provided with due maintenance, Aiire-Fllo furnaces last a long while.


Should any problem occur, refer to a troubleshooting guide and try the following steps:

  1. If the furnace is not working, check the power plug. Turn the switch on and wait until the ignition and blower control board is powered up.
  2. Check the gas valves and make sure that they are on, and the furnace is connected to the mains, but not heating.
  3. Set the thermostat to temperature exceeding the current ambient one. See what kind of fault code, if any, appears after a few minutes. If the light gives one blink, the gas supply valve needs to be turned on. If there are two or three flashes, the pressure switch is closed. Open the switch near the black tubes next to the drain. If there are more than three flashes in a row, address a professional technician.
  4. Turn the gas control off and disconnect the furnace from the mains. Once the pilot light is out, wait a few minutes. If you smell gas in the room, take emergency steps to prevent fire and explosion and leave the place. Call a gas service and a fire squad. If there is no gas leak, set the thermostat to the lowest position and open the front access panel. Turn on the gas control and close the panel. Plug the furnace back in and set the thermostat to a temoerature exceeding the current ambient one. The pilot light should come on. Once it dooes, set the thermostat to the needed temperature mode.
  5. If there are problems, which you cannot handle yourselves, call an authorized maintenance service.