Ruud Furnace Error Code

If you are an owner of Ruud furnace or operate it at your work, you may encounter with Ruud furnace error codes appearing in the operation process. The tables on the page describe the codes, flashes, blinks and other problem signals and let you understand what is going on with the equipment at a certain moment.

The codes are described taking into account the code itself, its status, technical details and possible solutions of the problem. Mostly the detailed description gives you the idea of how to fix the issue. For example, Ruud furnace error code 57 means press switch stuck open when should be closed, and you can solve the problem easily.

Ruud R801T Furnace Error Code

CODE Description
0 Standby
C Compressor on (cooling or heat-pump heat)
H Gas heat on
F Continuos fan on
10 1 hour lockout
11 Failed ignition
12 Low flame sense
13 Flame lost
14 Unexpected flame
20 Twinning fault
22 Main limit open
26 Line and neutral reversed
33 Mrlc (manual reset limit control) (aka roll-out) open
55 Pressure switch stuck closed when should be open
57 Press switch stuck open when should be closed
61 Blower fault-blower unable to run
93 Internal control fault

Ruud U98V Furnace Error Code

Flame Led Status LED Power LED DESCRIPTION
OFF No flame is detected
Rapid blink Unexpected flame
Slow blink Marginal flame sense
Steady ON Normal flame detected
OFF No power (24 VAC) to control board
ON Control is powered
Steady ON Normal fault detected
1 Blink Ignition failure, 1 HR lockout
2 Blinks Pressure switch stuck open, switch will not close when inducer is on
3 Blinks Limit switch open, main limit or roll out control
4 Blinks Pressure switch stuck closed, switch will not open
5 Blinks Not applicable
6 Blinks Line and neutral reversed

Ruud R802P Furnace Error Code

LED Code Solution
FLAME LED OFF – No flame is detected.
Rapid Blink – Unexpected Flame
Slow Blink – Marginal Flame Sense
Steady ON – Normal Flame Detected
STATUS LED Steady ON – Normal Fault detected.
1 Blink – Ignition failure – 1 HR lockout
2 Blinks – Pressure switch stuck open switch will not close when inducer is on.
3 Blinks – Limit switch open main limit or roll-out control.
4 Blinks – Pressure switch stuck closed. Switch will not open.
5 Blinks – Not applicable.
6 Blinks – Line and Neutral reversed
POWER LED OFF – No power (24VAC) to control board.
ON – Control is powered

Ruud R96P Furnace Error Code

LEDS Flashes Fault condition
GREEN ON Normal operation
1 Flash Ignition failure (4 trials)
2 Flashes Pressure switch stuck open
3 Flashes Limit switches open
4 Flashes Pressure switch stuck closed
5 Flashes Twin fault
6 Flashes Brownout voltage
7 Flashes Hot and neutral reversed or no ground
Continuous Gas valve relay short
YELLOW Rapid Blink Flame out of sequence
Slow Blink Low flame or no flame
ON Flame present


In navigating the complexities of Ruud furnace error codes, homeowners and technicians alike are equipped with a comprehensive guide that demystifies the diagnostic display and model’s error codes. Understanding these codes, from the common issues signaled by a blinking yellow light to the specific diagnostics indicated by the circuit board, empowers users to undertake troubleshooting with confidence. Whether it’s addressing a low flame sense signal, rectifying a faulty pressure switch, or cleaning a dirty air filter, the knowledge of how to respond to each fault code is invaluable.

For those encountering problems beyond the scope of a simple reset button, such as low gas pressure or a condensation problem, this guide serves as a foundational resource. It’s important to remember that while some fixes, like checking the air filter or adjusting the heat anticipator, can be performed within one hour, others, like issues with the blower motor or gas supply, may require the expertise of a contractor’s assistant.

Moreover, specific challenges like the one-hour lockout or diagnosing a fault in the electrical system underline the importance of detailed model numbers and warranty information. The use of a multimeter to test components, from the flame sensor to the high limit fuse, reflects the technical depth necessary for thorough furnace maintenance. It’s also crucial to consider the compatibility of parts and error codes across brands, from Amana to Lennox and Carrier, understanding that each manufacturer’s guidelines, including Rheem furnace error codes, offer a layer of nuanced insight.

As we conclude, it’s essential to emphasize that all interventions should be undertaken at your own risk, with a clear understanding that much air of caution is advised when dealing with complex systems like furnaces. The guide is intended for informational purposes, providing a reasonably close approximation of the troubleshooting steps needed to ensure your furnace operates efficiently. From ensuring proper gas supply to addressing a high fire mode issue, the steps outlined herein aim to restore your furnace to its default operational state without compromising safety.

Remember, the journey to a fully functional furnace is sometimes fraught with challenges, from decoding the flashing of the CFM LED to recognizing when the issue lies within the connecting belt or circuit breaker. Yet, with this comprehensive Ruud furnace repair guide, you’re better prepared to navigate these waters, ensuring that the warm, comforting embrace of hot air through your vents is but a few well-informed steps away.