Goodman Furnace Error Codes

On this page you can find Goodman furnace error codes which you may see during its operation time in case of any faults. Goodman furnace can display some letters and numbers or demonstrate flashes on the screen, depending on the modification and furnace type.

There are several furnace modifications presented in the code tables. Besides Goodman fault codes, there are the messages which can also appear, status and data related to these codes. This information can give you the idea about any necessary further actions – for example, 3 flashes mean that Goodman pressure switch stuck open, and 2 flashes mean the same part stuck closed.

Goodman CVC995 Furnace Error Codes

Steady onNormal operation
OFFControl Failure
1 FlashSystem lockout (Retries exceeded)
2 FlashesPressure switch stuck closed
3 FlashesPressure switch stuck open
4 FlashesOpen high limit
5 FlashesFlame sense without gas valve
6 FlashesOpen rolloutor open fuse
7 FlashesLow flame signal
Continuous/Rapid FlashesReversed 115 vac polarity

Goodman DDS series Furnace Error Codes

Temp Display MessageScrolled MessageStatus
Not DisplayedNot DisplayedPower Up
Not DisplayedNot DisplayedNormal/Standby
EEINTERNAL FAULTInternal Control Fault/No Power
EOLOCKOUTLockout Due to Excessive Retries
E1PS1 CLOSEDLow Stage Pressure Switch Stuck Closed at Start of Heating Cycle
E2PS1 OPENLow Stage Pressure Switch Stuck Open
E3HIGH LIMIT OPENOpen High Limit Switch
E4IMPROPER FLAMEFlame Detected When no Flame Should be Present
Not DisplayedNot DisplayedOpen Fuse
E6WEAK FLAMELow Flame Signal
E7IGNITER FAULTIgniter Fault or Improper Grounding
E8PS2 CLOSEDHigh Stage Pressure Switch Stuck Closed at Start of Heating Cycle
E9PS2 OPENHigh Stage Pressure Switch Stuck Open
EAREVERSED PLTYReversed 115VAC Polarity

Goodman GDH series Furnace Error Codes

Temp Display MessageScrolled MessageData 1 and Data 2 Miswire
dONO NET DATAData not yet on Network
d4INVALID MC DATAInvalid Memory Card Data
bOMOTOR NOT RUNBlower Motor Not Running
b1MOTOR COMMBlower Communication Error
b2MOTOR MISMATCHBlower Motor HP Mis-Match
b3MOTOR LIMITSBlower Motor Operating in Power, Temperature, or Speed Limit
b4MOTOR TRIPSBlower Motor Current Trip or Lost Rotor
b5MTR LCKD ROTORBlower Motor Locked Rotor
b6MOTOR VOLTSOver/Under Voltage Trip or Over Temperature Trip
b7MOTOR PARAMSIncomplete Parameters Sent to Motor (bit 10)
b9LOW ID AIRFLOWInadequate Airflow