American Standard Furnace Error Codes

If you need to know what the signals of your American Standard furnace mean, you can find the necessary information about it here. The tables presented on this page are the lists of American Standard furnace error codes with their explanations and possible problem solutions.

The signals are sorted by LED color and number of flashes which you observe. The meanings are given for all kinds of faults, for example, 2 flashes are described as system lockout, and 3 flashes have several meanings possible. For some modifications there are also alert codes given to provide better understanding of nature of the issue.

American CDB1 Standard Furnace Error Codes

LED ColorFault LEDAlert CodeDescriptionControl Display
Red90Excessive Communication ErrorsN/A
1 Flash91Loss of Heat/Cool Demand Message (COMM)ERR 91
Loss of Bit Master (Clock Signal)
2 FlashDefrost Fault A
3 Flash68Defrost Fault B and/or CN/A
4 FlashDefrost Fault A and [B and/or C]
5 Flash67Ambient Temperature Sensor Fault (Out of Range – Open or Shorted)ERR 67
6 FlashCoil Temperature Sensor Fault (Out of Range – Open or Shorted)
Low Pressure Cut Out Fault (Open outside of defrost Cycle-Hard lock out, cycle power to reset)ERR 79
7 Flash79Low Pressure Cut Out Fault Heat/Cool Lock out
Low Pressure Cut Out Fault (Open outside of defrost Cycle-Short lock out)Wait n
10 Flash102Y2 without Y1 – Miswire (24 volt mode only)N/A
11 Flash67Liquid Temperature Sensor Fault (Out of Range – Open or Shorted)N/A
12 Flash113Liquid Pressure Sensor Fault (Out of Range – Open or Shorted)ERR 113
13 Flash67External Outdoor TemperatureN/A
Sensor Fault (Out of Range – Shorted)
PM Missing with local copy (Operational)ERR 114
Bad Data in PM with local copy (Operational)N/A
14 Flash114Bad Data in PM no local copy (Not Operational)ERR 114
PM Missing with no local copy (Not Operational)
15 Flash *50Duplicate OD Temperature Sensor *N/A
16 Flash *123Demand Configuration Fault *N/A

American TUY060R9V3W Standard Furnace Error Codes

LED ColorCharge Assist™ (CA) LEDsFlashingDescription
GreenCHARGEDOffCharged or not in CA Mode
OnCharge is Correct
Y1On1 st stage compressor requests
Y2On2nd stage compressor request
Fast FlashInitialization at Power Up ~ 60 seconds
Med FlashOil Return Mode ** (Forced Defrost)
STATUSSlow FlashStandard operation
OffCharge Assist™ mode or no power to control
LitePortOccasional FlashFor transmitting LitePort™ data
AmberCOMFlashingFlash device count when in communication (number of COMM products connected in system); Rapid flashes followed by a pause indicates disrupted communications
OffNo power
OnSolid at power-up
FlashingSee Stabilization Flash Rate
ADDOnSystem requires refrigerant charge (Control has 24 volt AC output to Charqe Solenoid)
RedODTFlashingAmbient Temperature is out of range – Ambient Temperature must be above 55°F and below 120°F to enter CA Mode A/ore: ODT LED will flash 1 sec ON/OFF for 30 seconds and the CHARGING LED will flash 5 times per second for 2 seconds, then exit CA.
RECOVEROnNeed to recover refrigerant – Unit locked out for 1 hour or press mode button to exit Charge Assist™
LOWOnLiquid pressure below 90 psig – Liquid pressure must be above 90 psig to enter CA Mode
Note: LOW oressure LED will be on for 30 seconds and the CHARGING LED will flash 5 times per second for 2 seconds, then exit CA.

American AUY060R9V3W Standard Furnace Error Codes

2 FlashesSystem Lockout (Retries or Recycles exceeded)
3 FlashesDraft Pressure Error – Possible problems:
a) Venting problem
b) Pressure switch problem
c) Inducer problem
4 FlashesOpen Temperature Limit Switch
5 FlashesFlame sensed when no flame should be present
6 Flashes115 volt AC power reversed, ignitor (Triac) fault, poor grounding or system voltage too low
7 FlashesGas valve circuit error
8 FlashesLow flame sense
9 FlashesOpen Inducer Limit switch
10 FlashesInducer communication error
SolidInternal GV error or Low TH voltage
Solid Red w/Solid Green “STATUS” LEDContinuous Reset caused by a blown fuse or internal error.