Clear the E3 Error Code on a Samsung Washer

You gathered all dirty laundry and put it in the drum of your irreplaceable household assistant. You chose the program and launched it but after a while, you noticed E3 error code. Samsung washer filled water and the washing cycle began but then it stopped and the appliance started to drain water.

Error description

E3 error code Samsung washer displays informs you that the pressure switch cannot measure the amount of water in the drum. The drum is overfilled or there is no water in it at all. The sensor does not transmit reliable information to the control board. As a result, the washer does not start the washing process and pumps out the water.

This error usually tells us about a serious breakdown. However, in some situations the causes of this error can be eliminated by the owners themselves and require no special education or experience.

What should you do to do a DIY repair and eliminate E3 error code?

  1. You should use only high-quality detergents and should not neglect the established standards. Trying to put the right amount of detergent. If there is too much foam in the drum, the pressure switch cannot determine the actual amount of water in it. As a result, the control board receives information that it is full. After that, the washer decides to stop the current cycle and pump out the water. To avoid such situation, you should pump out all the water from the drum and completely remove the laundry. Next, start the rinse program to remove the foam and powder residues. Then load the laundry back, and start the washing program. This should solve the problem.
  2. Incorrect installation. Inspect the place of connection of the appliance to the sewer system. If it does not meet the standard requirements, then the water cannot reach the drum or comes from the sewer system under the influence of gravity. Fixing such a malfunction will require you to eliminate the root cause and, using the instruction manual, correctly install the washing machine. If you cannot do it yourself, call the experts.
  3. Software issues. To resolve this error, you must use a forced reboot. Disconnect the washer from the power supply for about 15 minutes. Run the washer again. After resetting current programs, it should begin to work normally.