Code E11 is displayed on the Electrolux washer

It’s no secret that cars of even the most famous brands can show error codes. If the Electrolux washing machine displayed a flashing code E11 at the same time as a beep, this may mean:

  1. No water enters the unit.
  2. The machine does not fill completely.
  3. There were problems with the drain device.

When a code appears, you should not worry too much. You can fix the problem yourself if you correctly decipher and understand the code, as well as understand the reasons that can be sources of such a signal to the consumer.

You can handle the troubleshooting yourself if you have enough time and have all the necessary tools at hand.

Electrolux washer problems

What could be causing this problem

Of all the common problems that can cause an E11 error, the following can be distinguished:

  • the water tap is blocked;
  • too low pressure in the water supply;
  • the drain hose is incorrectly positioned (below the specified height or with kinks);
  • blockage of the inlet valve installed on the water supply hose;
  • clogged drain pump or filter;
  • the drain itself is clogged;
  • kink in the air tube;
  • an excess amount of detergents is used;
  • Faulty or damaged inlet valve.

Before finally determining the true cause of the breakdown, carefully inspect all the components and components of the washing machine.

Electrolux washer repair

The good news is that most problems can be solved on your own without the help of a professional master. This will save a lot of time and money. All you need is some patience and the ability to think.

What can I do to fix my own washing machine

Troubleshooting any mechanical problem begins with an assessment of the possible causes. You should consider the simplest possible problem and move from one unit or unit of the washing machine to other, more complex ones.

The first thing to do when the code E11 is displayed on the Electrolux household unit is to inspect the water tap.

Checking the operation of the water tap

Open the faucet and watch the water flow. If the pressure is low, the fluid supply rate is low, then there are malfunctions in the public water supply (for example, leaks from the network) or problems in the water supply system. If we assume that the water supply pressure is normal, it is still necessary to check it – turn off the tap of the washing unit itself, remove the hose, put a bucket under the water tap and open it. Under normal pressure, the bucket should fill within a minute.

Checking the drain hose

It happens that during operation the drain hose changes its position, bends, falls below the originally set height. You should consult the user manual, check the size of the extension and the set height. By current regulations, the drain must be at least 24 inches (60 cm) and no higher than 40 inches (100 cm) from the base of the Electrolux washing machine. During operation of the household unit, both the inlet hose and the air tube may be kinked. Therefore, these details should be checked periodically.

Cleaning the water valve filter

This assembly is located at the point where the inlet hose is attached to the washing unit itself, i.e., next to the tap. It should be cleaned periodically with a small brush. You can use an old toothbrush for this.

Cleaning the pump together with the filter

The pumps used in washing machines, the blades of these important elements, fluff filters periodically become clogged during operation. Therefore, they need careful care. To be more precise – cleaning from dirt and foreign particles. It is easy to get to the filter by rotating the pump blades with a pencil, pen, or other long object.

In order to properly and quickly clean all these elements, you need to carefully, with all your attention, read the instruction manual for the Electrolux washing machine. This manual indicates how to properly maintain the technical condition and preventive maintenance of the main components of the unit.

Cleaning the pump together with the filter

Checking the drain for blockage

This is a simple operation. Run the machine in the quick wash mode without using detergents, linen, clothes. The drain hose must be placed in a container (bucket, tank, basin) and observe the process of draining the waste water.

Checking the air tube for blockage

The air tube is directly connected to the pressure sensor. It is necessary to disconnect the latter without much effort, blow through the air tube. This simple operation will make sure that the tube is not blocked. After that, reconnect the pressure sensor.

The amount of detergents used

This factor affects the possible problems that may be with the drain. Be especially careful with laundry detergents. With an excess of detergents, a huge amount of foam is created. And this can adversely affect the operation of the fluid level control system in the machine – completely block its operation. The system will determine the amount of water as normal and then block the flow of liquid into the bowl.

The amount of detergents used

When to use the services of a professional

It’s great if one of the above methods helped to fix errors and troubleshoot. Then you should restart the washing unit so that the error code disappears when the work has given a positive result.

If no independent action has solved the problems with the machine, then it’s time to contact an experienced repairman. But before that, you need to check the operation of the pressure sensor in order to know for sure that it is faulty.

A simple method for checking the health of the pressure sensor

The device operates at frequencies from 44.5 to 45 Hz. If there is no tester to check the machine, then you can use a simple method to understand whether the problem with the pressure measurement sensor is related or not.

Proceed to fill the basin with water. Then turn off the unit. Follow the filling process. If water stops flowing into the tank, then the sensor is faulty.

If the water has not stopped filling the basin, then it is necessary to start the diagnostic cycle. It should show the presence of all problems.

Popular questions and answers

How to restart the Electrolux washing machine to reset the code?
It’s not hard to do. You can reset the unit so that the code disappears by turning it off for a period of 0.5 to 1 min. Then reconnect to the network.

How to start the diagnostic mode of the Electrolux washing machine?
Follow the instructions:

  • activate the “Cancel” button, then any other, enter the control mode;
  • within 5 sec. the selector is turned to the extreme left position;
  • press simultaneously and hold for 2 seconds. buttons “cancel” and the left extreme under the display;
  • blinking indicators indicate that we are in diagnostic mode;
  • turn the program clockwise 1 time – activate the hot water solenoid;
  • With 2 clicks activate the bleach additive solenoid. Cold water comes from the compartment;
  • 3 clicks to activate the water and bleach solenoids. Cold water enters through the air conditioner compartments;
  • 4 clicks to activate the prewash solenoid. Cold water enters through the corresponding compartment;
  • Deactivate the lock with 5 clicks. The door opens, the light comes on;
  • With 6 clicks we activate the lock, start the rollover, turn on the add. heater;
  • 7 clicks activate the drain pump, the machine is set to high speed;
  • 9 clicks give error codes. If E00 is displayed, then no errors were found;
  • turn the handle by 10 clicks – we get the latest version of the software;
  • put the handle in its original position clockwise. At the same time, “cancel” and hold the leftmost button until the indicators stop flashing completely.

The master should report all error codes.

How to set the Electrolux washing machine to drain mode?
Disconnect the drain hose, then lower it below the level of the liquid in the pool and place the end in a large bucket. If it is necessary to temporarily stop the process of draining the water, in order to empty the bucket, it is enough to put the hose on the pipe. And so to do until the tank is completely empty of liquid.

Final part

The ability to run the diagnostic process on the Electrolux washing machine will help when an error code is found. Understanding the errors, malfunctions, breakdowns that may occur during the operation of a household unit will greatly help in troubleshooting problems and help save money.

Using a modern washing machine that is able to detect errors in operation and send codes is not only convenient, but also much easier. Both old models and completely new ones can have quite similar flaws. Finding the right solution to technical problems will help experience and knowledge of the device, its main components and elements.