Correct washer and dryer installation. Several disadvantages of stacking

Everyone wants to be sure that they have enough space to install a washer and dryer. After all, no one wants them to be placed incorrectly. Therefore, it is necessary to tell how to mount them and what methods exist for this.

Stacking, which is preferred by some home appliance owners, has a number of disadvantages. This type of their application is not always successful and often leads to a variety of troubles. They concern both the complexity of the installation and the threat of their fall. Moreover, it is always possible to find more profitable options for placing equipment.

Last but not least, there are additional costs due to the need to purchase special devices and rubber mats. They are needed to strengthen the position of stacked units and, in principle, it is better to save on them.

The essence of the problem

The essence of the problem

It is dangerous to carry out such actions on your own, in this case, the efforts of at least two men are required. After all, the dryer weighs about 50 kg.

Therefore, when installing washing and drying equipment on top of each other, many do not take into account the costs of professional services. It will not be possible to put them in the required way alone.

Therefore, the stacking of units is also inefficient due to high financial costs and other things that at first remained out of focus.

Difficulties of use

Those who prefer this type of installation of household appliances will soon find that it will be very difficult for them to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. When they stand side by side, it is much more convenient to perform such actions.

Difficulties of use

In addition, if you place the units in a block, you will not be able to choose between top and front loading options. Only the second option will remain, which can only be applied without fantastic expenses. Therefore, when stacking is abandoned, such a problem disappears by itself.

There is no need to expend colossal physical effort if household appliances are easy to install simply and without fuss. Mounting the block requires much more effort. In addition, the door of the drying device will be too high, so that not every woman will be able to reach it.

Equipment height

If the owner of the equipment is not so tall as to easily get dishes from the upper shelves of the cabinets, then it will be even more difficult for her to reach the control panel of the dryer.

Mounting the units in a block contributes to the allocation of a significant amount of space. At first, such a circumstance will give pleasure to the owners of small rooms. But few consider the resulting height of stacked appliances.

Equipment height

Every time a woman wants to use the drying device, she will have to climb onto a stepladder or stool. And not everyone will like it.

Fall danger

Another issue that is overlooked by many is technique balancing. It requires certain additional tools. Otherwise, without support, the dryer standing at the top may not stand up. And its fall to the floor or to a downstream unit is fraught with many troubles and damage not only to the household appliances themselves, but also to the premises.

If the owner decides to install the equipment on their own, without the use of special devices, then they will fall in any case. Then you have to call 2 people to put it in place. Friends or neighbors can not always be found in the shortest possible time. Therefore, you will have to turn to professionals who do not evaluate their services at all cheaply. Therefore, if you have already had to pay for stacking, then it will not only not pay off, but will also bring new costs.

Fall danger

Additional information

Block-placed units take up half as much space as standard-placed units. Then it will be possible to conveniently organize the surrounding space, making the room cozy. This setup of technology seems idyllic as long as people do not think about how many problems it will bring them.

A washer and dryer stacked on top of each other will be much less functional. In addition, the owner will not have a choice between vertical and front loading. In addition, it will not be possible to choose a washing machine or dryer of arbitrary size.

You can hide nearby units and get enough space above their surfaces. Their doors will be lower, and in order not to bend down, it is easy to substitute something under them.

Dimensions of stackable household appliances

Washer and dryer sizes vary by manufacturer and model. They are usually 80 inches high, about 30 inches wide, and about 34 inches deep.

Dimensions of stackable household appliances

There are special complexes, among which it is possible to choose the best option. They are similar in size to stackable appliances, but are slightly wider. In cases where the stacking option is chosen, you will have to purchase machines of equal dimensions.

Another solution is to install a small dryer on top of a large washer. But then you will have to give up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčever buying a large dryer, since it will not be possible to put it on a small washing machine.

Security issues

If the desire to stack the washing and drying unit still remains, then at the same time as buying them, you need to purchase a special kit. It is usually sold separately and allows you to firmly install household appliances. Its task is that it contributes to the uniform distribution of the mass of devices and their fixation in space. Then, when they fall, they will not end up on the floor.

There are elementary stacking kits that quickly, securely, simply and firmly connect the washer and dryer together. But on sale there are also kits that have special advantages and additional properties. However, their use will make the structure even taller and more difficult to operate. We must not forget that they are intended only for certain models, for which they are produced. Therefore, you should first make sure that the correct option is selected.

But even when using it, you should also take care of the presence of a rubber mat designed to absorb vibrations that occur during the operation of machines.

Front-loading washer-dryer stand mounting

Front-loading washer-dryer stand mounting

Studies show that placing a complex unit on a pedestal poses a threat and complicates the use of household appliances. Therefore, it is better to abandon this type of installation and explore other ways to place equipment.

If you want to have more free space, it is better to install the washer and dryer side by side. This will make their use more convenient, since the stand will help lift them up and then the hostess will not have to bend too much when laying things in them.

Other options

It is necessary to take into account absolutely all the problems that arise when stacking units. But there are other ways to conveniently place them. You need to list them.

  1. Parallel installation. Installing the washer and dryer side-by-side is already convenient because you can choose between top-loading and front-loading, and even a combination of their different options. In addition, you can buy equipment from different companies, since in this case there is no need for their exact combination. In addition, this type of accommodation will save a significant amount when purchasing more budgetary and more suitable models.
  2. Hanging dryer. Not many people decide to mount the units in this way, but it is not very bad. If the dryer is hung above the washing machine, a large amount of space will be freed up. Professionals use special brackets and securely fix the equipment, giving the interior a special appeal. In addition, it will be possible to purchase a top-loading washing machine, so nothing will interfere with its use.
  3. Combination of washer and dryer. “Two in one” is a good way out with limited space. You should choose a household appliance that will combine all the required functions. It is easy to install in any convenient room. These devices are beautiful and practical and have all the technical features of each of the individual machines. Their only drawback is the high price, which not everyone will find suitable.