There is no blockage in LG dryer but lights up D90 code

The appearance of code D90 in the LG dryer indicates problems in its operation. In some cases, the error can be eliminated on your own, but sometimes you will have to contact a service center or private specialists who repair dryers.

Error code D90 is often not accompanied by a blockage and may indicate one of these problems:

  1. Blockage of the ventilation hose by 90%.
  2. Malfunction of the heating element.
  3. Faulty thermal fuse.
  4. Damage to the main control module.

Your task is to correctly diagnose and fix the problem, and this article will help you deal with it. An electronics malfunction is the most undesirable breakdown, most likely in this case you will have to turn to professional craftsmen.

LG dryer lights up D90 code

Troubleshooting steps

There are certain steps you can take to reset your dryer. To do this, unplug your appliances from the mains and start by checking the lint filter.

Lint filter

So, fluff filter. Check it for blockage. If you do not know where it is located, refer to the instructions that are included with household appliances. As a rule, it is located immediately behind the door. Your actions:

  1. Open the door. Pay attention to the bottom of the hole. There, in a niche, there is a filter.
  2. Remove the filter, separate it and remove any dirt accumulated there. Use a vacuum cleaner or warm water for this purpose.
  3. Dry the filter, reinstall.

In addition to the external filter, the machine has an internal filter located in the same place. It also needs to be removed and cleaned, and then installed in place.

Cleaning the fluff filter is very easy. It needs to be pulled up slightly, and then also carefully installed back. The whole procedure takes no longer than 3-5 minutes.

Check outlet hose

The outlet hose goes from the dryer to the ventilation. If it is clogged, the air flow cannot move freely, which leads to problems in the operation of household appliances and an error occurs. First make sure it’s not kinked, then disconnect it from the dryer and see if there’s a blockage inside. Blow into the hose, or direct the air flow from the hair dryer there. A vacuum cleaner will do.

Check outlet hose

Check the wall duct

Once the fluff filter and exhaust hose have been checked, the wall duct to which the exhaust pipe is connected should be checked for proper operation. Blockage in the air duct leads to a decrease in drying efficiency.

Remove the hose from the air duct, make sure that there is no blockage inside, if there is, take measures to eliminate it.

Inspect outdoor ventilation

Your task is to look inside the vent and see if debris has accumulated there, which prevents the passage of air flow. If it is there, remove it manually using suitable tools, including a vacuum cleaner. Also clean the ventilation grilles, which are most likely covered with dust and do not allow air to pass through normally. To do this, use a cloth soaked in hot water and soapy water.

Inspect outdoor ventilation

Reset drying

Once you have completed all the steps, connect the dryer to electricity and check if the error has disappeared. Leave the hose unconnected. Before connecting it, do a little test.

Root Cause Test

Load wet clothes into the washer. Start the drying cycle. If it dries out within the normal amount of time, then the blockage is in the exhaust system.

If the clothes do not dry or take longer than usual to dry, the problem may be with the thermal fuse or heating element. If they are out of order, they must be replaced.

If the clothes dry well and the error code does not appear, then the problem is solved and the household appliances can be operated as before.

Root Cause Test


What to do if there is no blocking?
If you followed the steps above and found no blockage, look at the fuse or heating element. To replace them, call an authorized repair service and leave a request.

Can I just restart the dryer to fix the error?
The error doesn’t just happen. Automation thus responds to a problem in the operation of the dryer. And if you do not take action, no reset will help. Clean the filters, check the air duct, remove blockages, and only then perform a reset.

Flashing Flow Sense, why is this happening and what to do?
This is a warning system. It indicates the presence of blockages in the hoses and air ducts. You don’t need to ignore it. You must stop the machine, turn it off and clean the system, and then continue to operate the equipment in the same mode.

How often should ventilation ducts be cleaned?
It is recommended that the ventilation openings be cleaned every year so that the degree of blockage does not increase. In general, it all depends on the frequency of drying. The more people in the family and the more often the dryer is used, the more often it is necessary to check the condition of the air system.

Signs of a Growing Blockage

There are signs that indicate the growth of blockage. They occur before the Flow Sense warning appears on the display. The first such sign is an increase in the duration of drying. If things begin to dry longer, then things are not right and error D90 will appear soon. If they have stopped drying to the end at all, this is an indicator that the blockage has reached a critical point.

Pay attention to the presence of foreign odors. The smell of burning indicates a long drying process.

Signs of a Growing Blockage

Check the temperature inside the dryer. A very hot surface indicates that the machine is under heavy load.

The presence of a large volume of fluff in the lint trap also indicates the presence of a blockage. Check the hoses and air duct without waiting for the error to appear.

So, error D90 indicates a blockage or problem with the heating element or fuse. Clogging is the most common reason for its occurrence. You can deal with it on your own.