Most common Samsung dryer codes

At least once in a lifetime, every active user of household appliances has encountered incorrect behavior of equipment. At the same time, modern devices in the event of a malfunction try to inform the owner about the cause of the malfunction. A similar solution is used by Samsung. If a problem occurs during the operation of the dryer, the corresponding error code will be displayed on the screen. Depending on the error, the solution may be a simple action or require replacement of components. Since some troubleshooting requires knowledge of the nuances, the article will detail the meanings of the codes and measures that will help solve the problem.


In this case, the interpretation of the code is simple. The error is decoded by the first letters of the abbreviation that appears on the screen. “BE” means a problem with the button (“button” and “error”). If the dryer reports such a malfunction, then it may be a stuck control element. Perhaps the button is simply stuck from strong pressing and cannot return to its original position.

In other words, “BE” indicates an active keystroke and the tumble dryer cannot continue. Diagnosis of a malfunction is carried out through a careful examination of the controls. If the button is jammed, then it must be gently moved, try to press it or return it by picking up the edge with a sharp object. If the user fails to do anything, then you will need to contact the Samsung service center.

Samsung dryer error

“DO”, “DE”, “DF”

Any of the indicated codes contains the letter “D” indicating a problem with the door. Next comes the reason why the dryer issued the code. So, “DO” and “DE” indicate the opening and error of the hatch, respectively. In most cases, the malfunction is due to user forgetfulness or a stuck object.

The “DF” error is due to a circuit failure. In this situation, it is important to understand that the problem is not related to the position of the hatch, but to the lack of power to the corresponding mechanism. The user will have to carefully examine the wiring to the door switch and the element itself. A multimeter and knowledge of the electrical part of the device will come in handy here. Damage to the harness can be repaired immediately, and the failed circuit breaker must be replaced.


“ET” is a technical error. This code indicates a serious problem. To diagnose the problem, the user needs to unplug the machine from the mains for a few minutes. Then the dryer will need to be connected and look at the display. If the error returned again, then this means a breakdown of the electronic part.

The dryer is controlled by EEPROM, a communication node on the printed circuit board. The component processes signals, issues commands to other elements of the device. If the electronic parts are faulty, the corresponding code will be shown on the display.

Serious technical problems are almost impossible to solve on your own. If any of the elements on the board is out of order or damaged, then it must be replaced with a new one. Often, such breakdowns require the purchase of a replacement printed circuit board.

Samsung dryer error code FE


The “FE” code tells the user that the problem is related to a power frequency violation. The cause of the malfunction may be:

  • unstable power supply. In the presence of constant voltage fluctuations, the dryer does not have enough power;
  • malfunctions of the frequency sensor. Due to a damaged component, the machine sends an “FE” fault code. In this situation, only replacement of the part will help.

In case of power outages, the user should find the telephone number of the organization responsible for the supply of electricity. Experts will go to the site and determine the cause of the malfunction.


The “HE” error indicates that the tumble dryer is not heating up. Probable causes of the malfunction are the incorrect operation of the thermistor (thermal sensor) and interruptions in the gas supply (for gas dryers). In the second case, you need to make sure that the shut-off valve is fully open.

On electric dryers, the wiring may be the cause, which should be inspected first. If the thermal sensor fails, the part will have to be replaced.

Samsung dryer error code


This code means that the machine cannot determine the degree of moisture in the laundry. Such a malfunction often occurs when the sensor comes into contact with a wet object. If a film or other object is stuck to the device, the component will not work properly. This will cause the dryer to think that the laundry in the dryer is still damp.

If there is an “OD” code, the user is recommended to carry out diagnostics in the following order:

  1. Check the sensor for presence of foreign objects on it. It is also recommended to wipe the component dry.
  2. Measurement of resistance. If the “OD” error still appears after cleaning the component, the part may be defective. Normal resistance in this case should be 10 kOhm.
  3. The last thing to do is check the wiring. Often, it is a damaged wire or poor contact that causes the corresponding code to appear.

Thus, Samsung dryer fault codes will tell the user the approximate reason for the incorrect operation of the device. A brief explanation of typical faults is indicated in the user manual for the dryer model. Most problems can be solved on your own. However, if there is a serious problem, it is recommended to call a specialist or visit a Samsung service center.