Why dryer keeps tripping breaker?

Tumble dryer users sometimes have trouble turning off the dryer switch. There are enough reasons for this. Basically, this can be a problem with the amplifier, motor, wires, or power source. Consider the most common problems, as well as their solutions.

Automatic shutdown of the dryer

To fix a problem, you must first find its source. Turning off the dryer can be triggered for the following reasons:

Weak circuit breaker

During the operation of the equipment, the switch may wear out and weaken. Even though the current strength does not exceed the thrust limit, it can still work. But before drawing such a conclusion, you should check:

  1. All wiring.
  2. Dryer components for any defects.
  3. Using a multimeter, check the current consumption.

After that, you may need to call an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker. In the case when the switch is from 15 to 20 years old, it may have weakened and needs to be replaced.

Weak circuit breaker

The heating element or its assembly is defective

One reason could be a broken heating element. When this happens, there should be a short on the case, and then a switch will trip from behind the dryer. You need to check each terminal of the heating part for continuity, for this use a multimeter.

When there is continuity, it means that the element has shorted out. To avoid subsequent shutdowns, you must change the heating part.

In addition, a block of the same element may be broken. It is checked in the same way, using a measuring device (multimeter) for continuity. If the same thing happened to the block, then it must be replaced.

Internal short circuit

If this is not related to the previous two problems, then the circuit breaker may trip due to an internal short circuit. The following can cause this problem:

  • Timer.
  • The on/off switch has stopped working.
  • Engine.
  • Broken door switch.

You will need an ohmmeter to measure one of the areas listed. In this way, it is possible to detect a short circuit in a specific, internal component of the dryer. Once a defective part is found, it can be repaired or replaced. This should fix the problem with the switch.

Internal short circuit

If you do not have a multimeter, or an ohmmeter or other such measuring device, then you should purchase them in specialized stores. They are not too expensive and very useful.

Terminal block

In electric dryers, there is a terminal block to which the power cords are connected. Due to loose wiring on the block, an electric arc can occur. This will damage the power supply.

In this case, the wire of the dryer will short-circuit and then the equipment switch will break. To solve, first inspect the block. Tighten the wires if they are loose. If sparks or short circuits are noticed, the wire must be replaced.

Be careful when working with dangerous areas of wiring. If you have not dealt with similar situations before (short circuits, sparking), then it is better to contact the services of specialists.

Terminal block


Also, the drive motor may fail, which also entails the operation of the switch. Here again you will need a multimeter to check continuity. The motor will need to be changed if you find that its windings are shorted.

The dryer turns off the circuit breaker after 10 minutes of operation

Weak circuit breaker

A weak switch is also the cause of the failure. It should be thirty amps. To find out what power you have, use an ammeter or clamp during operation of the dehumidifier. You need to test the power source, namely the first and second lines.

If the meter shows less than the specified current, then the circuit breaker is weak. But this is not a problem with the dryer. If so, the switch needs to be replaced.

Checking the heating element

Again, the heating element can cause the machine to shut down after 10 minutes of running the machine. To check it, both lines must be eliminated. Using an ohmmeter, you can find out the resistance information.

It is necessary that the number ranges from 7.8 to 11.8 ohms. If, as a result, your numbers do not fall into this range, most likely the heating element has broken. To solve the problem, replace it with a new one.

Checking the heating element

LG Dryer Shutoff Machine

The reasons listed above for shutdown may also apply to the dryer from LG. The first thing to do in such a case is to check with an ohmmeter, measure the current and inspect the wires to make sure they are not loose. If that doesn’t work, check out the manual for your LG dryer.

Each dryer model may have different settings, therefore, according to each type of machine, the names and different terms may be different. Before using the LG dryer, make sure that the pigtail of wires is connected correctly to the circuit breaker. On the back of the machine, the black wire should be connected to the black one, and the red wire to the red one.

Also, white should be in the middle, and green to the corps. When connected correctly, everything should work fine, but if the switch still works, then the pigtail may be faulty. So it needs to be replaced. The wiring or socket may also be faulty. Use a multimeter to examine all levels of sockets and wires.

If the problem is not with the circuit breaker, then it can be excluded from the list of shutdown problems. The wire may be damaged, therefore, it is necessary to replace it. But when even this did not solve the ailment, you will have to call a specialist to find and fix the breakdown.

LG Dryer Shutoff Machine

Whirlpool dryer turns off circuit breaker

Just like with the LG dryer, you should read the Whirlpool user manual. So you can make sure that all wires, various parts, etc. are connected correctly. Reasons for triggering may include:

  1. Overheating. It can be caused due to the use of high parameters (such as heat) or due to a heavy load on the equipment.
  2. There was a power surge. To resolve, the circuit breaker must be reset even though you have not lost power.
  3. Weak or broken circuit breakers.
  4. Electrical outlets may also be defective. Check the outlet the Whirlpool is plugged into by plugging in another appliance. If it also does not work, then change the outlet.
  5. The power cords are very loose. Check them along with all wiring.
  6. Damage to power cords. Exposed or old and worn wiring must be replaced.

Whirlpool dryer turns off


The list of reasons for turning off the circuit breaker when using a dryer can be overwhelming. We have considered some of the most common, so we hope that we were able to help you with this article in solving the problem. When working with electricity, do not forget about safety requirements.