Can you convert gas dryer to electric

Many people often ask questions about whether it is possible to convert a gas dryer to its electric version. This is due to the fact that not all modern houses have the appropriate communications, but it is simply more convenient for someone to use a network-powered unit. Therefore, it is necessary to tell in more detail about the main differences between the two types of household appliances for this purpose.


Natural gas or propane units are equipped with a burner as a heat source. Otherwise, the design of such a model repeats the features of the electric one.

Therefore, it must be concluded that the main key point is connected with the type of peculiarity in the use of different types of energy.

The purchase of gas-powered equipment usually costs 2 times cheaper than its electric version. This becomes another major difference between the two dryers.

gas and electric dryer

Description of each type of aggregates

Gas appliances

Gas devices are divided into 2 options. Some operate using liquid propane, while others operate on natural gas. Therefore, they must be well-ventilated with the removal of combustion products to the outside.

Electrical Models

For the operation of gas equipment, a voltage of 110 volts is required, for electric ones, 240 is needed. That is, they require twice as much power as with the standard use of the network.

If you want to use 110 volts, you must purchase a compact or portable dryer. It also needs an exhaust to bring moist hot air out. There are also fanless devices, but they are very expensive.

Electrical Models dryers

Mounting differences

Gas units

If the house is not connected to gas, then often the owner tries to convert his household appliance into an electric one. Carrying out the corresponding line can result in a very significant amount, since it will be necessary to further extend the underground communications.

Some purchase a tank of liquefied propane. Therefore, specially designed kits are also sold for retrofitting gas appliances for such purposes. But only a professionally trained master should make their conversion.

Electrical model

This type of equipment is quite easy to install in the house. In order for it to start working, you only need to connect it to a 240 volt outlet. As a rule, appropriate power is provided throughout, located in the electrical box.

These tumble dryers are usually equipped with a large plug with 3 or 4 pins for a socket. Unfortunately, they don’t always match. Then one of the elements will have to be replaced.

Features of the functioning of each type of units

Features of the functioning of each type of units

Gas and electric appliances are used to treat laundry with a drum, air and heat.

If the first type of devices is equipped with a burner, then the second operates using a heating element. The current is passed through the connection of a special spiral, accumulates electrons and heats the metal parts of the dryer.

As a result, the air temperature rises in it, which enters the drum through mechanisms designed for such purposes.

Any type of unit using natural gas or propane is also equipped with an igniter to burn the fuel. And the corresponding parts provide the drum with heated air.

Ventilation system

Gas and electrical appliances are necessarily provided with ways to remove heat to the outside with the simultaneous removal of moisture and lint. Without this ability to cool and clean, the room will quickly fill with dampness, which in turn will provoke the growth of mold and dust accumulation. All this is rapidly leading to an increase in allergic diseases.

Ventilation system

In addition, the ventilation vent on the gas version allows you to throw out combustion products, which gradually saturate the air.

For operation in an apartment, it is better to purchase an electric dryer without ventilation. Then its owner will not have to equip an external hood. The majority of these units are small in size, but the market also produces large household appliances.

Ways to modify gas devices into electric ones

The main part of experts do not advise to make such re-equipment of equipment for a number of reasons. Gas options operate on a different principle than electric ones. Therefore, their design features are also different. Such dryers are equipped with an igniter, a burner and other elements that are not found in electrical units.

Therefore, the owner will need:

  1. Remove parts that give the gas appliance its main features.
  2. Replace them with parts that match the electrical model.
  3. Understand that the operating temperatures of the fuses or burner tubes are different. Therefore, you need to carefully study the features of the technique and its wiring. Now the market does not release kits for its retrofitting, allowing you to easily switch.
  4. Take care of the availability of 240 volts, since the gas version requires only 110 volts. Therefore, the electrical wiring of the dryer will have to be replaced to convert it to a higher voltage level.

Therefore, it is worth concluding that the initial purchase of an electrical unit will be cheaper than its subsequent conversion.

modify gas devices into electric

It is better to sell a gas household appliance and use the money received to buy a more suitable one for a particular house. In this way, you can save time, effort and money.


If the desire to modify your dryer has not disappeared, then it is necessary to connect a single-phase 240 volt circuit from the very beginning. Then you need to make a plug for the gas pipeline. At the end you have to replace:

  • sensors;
  • heating unit;
  • different details;
  • relay;
  • controls, etc.