How to identify and replace blown thermal fuse dryer

In its design, any dryer contains a large number of parts that are subject to various breakdowns. They mainly affect the thermal fuse and the thermal switch. Previously, broken units sometimes even caused fires. But now the mentioned elements effectively prevent the occurrence of a fire.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider certain situations regarding the operation of the fan fuses and the heating unit. You should also talk about the possibilities for troubleshooting.

Thermal fuse failure

This critical part is found in the main structure of the home appliance fan. Its main purpose is to constantly maintain a normal temperature and turn off the power to the motor if it rises excessively.

Determining that the system has worked is very simple. You should take a multimeter and check the integrity of the two contacts.

Thermal fuse blown

But before you start such work, you need to disconnect the device from the network.

Each model has its own design, so the procedure for disassembling it and gaining access to the fuse may differ in each case.

Breakage of the control board relay

The most common cause of Maytag and Whirlpool tumble dryer tripping is a faulty control board relay. Normally, it is fixed at “ON” and provides energy to the heating element.

If the temperature reaches critical levels, then the thermal fuse will work. As a rule, it comes into action before the machine enters the cooling cycle. When a part breaks, it is necessary to replace not only it, but also the control board. Otherwise, the relay will not function.

Breakage of the control board relay

The board inspection algorithm should be presented as follows:

  1. Disconnecting the unit from electricity.
  2. Removing the screws from its back.
  3. Gaining access to the control board.
  4. Search for the relay switch, which is usually located in the corner at the bottom and on the right.
  5. Check for melted areas or black marks that indicate a problem.

In their absence, you will need to change the board in any case.

Lint accumulation on the thermal fuse

In some cases, the villi bypass the trap and end up in the most unexpected places. It is not uncommon for them to wrap tightly around the fan fuse. Then it gradually overheats and burns out due to a sharp increase in temperature.

In such a case, it is necessary to provide access to the wheel of the part and clean it from contamination. Then you need to find and replace the thermal fuse. To facilitate the task, you should know that the blower is attached to the motor part of the drive shaft.

Tripping of the thermal switch fuse with the heater assembled

The part is located in the heating unit and is responsible for monitoring the provision of the temperature of the dryer. It also controls the amount of heat generated by the appliances. If the drum spins but does not emit it, then the thermal switch has most likely burned out.

Sometimes the owner notices that the dryer does not heat up enough to process the laundry in due time. Then it is required to repair the said part after checking its electrical integrity.

In addition, it is worth identifying the whole range of problems that have arisen. To do this, you need to list them.

Clogged vent line or dryer hose

If the ventilation lines or the hose of the dryer are clogged, then the air masses in it cease to fully circulate. As a result, the unit gradually overheats.

Clogged vent line or dryer hose

This reason for the operation of the thermal fuse is very common. In this case, you need to disconnect the ventilation line from the back of the household appliance and clean it thoroughly.

When performing such work, the owner of the equipment is required to give the following recommendations.

  1. The dryer is immediately disconnected from the electricity.
  2. An air vent is found on its back panel.
  3. All fasteners with which it is mounted to the unit are removed.
  4. It is better to move it away from the walls in order to free up space for work.
  5. The inside of the air duct of the ventilation hole located behind the household appliance is cleaned.
  6. After removing the duct cover or its damper, an external ventilation passage is searched.
  7. The line is cleaned in several stages according to the number of bends and turns of the tube.
  8. After removing the villi, the technique is connected again.

Grounding the heating element

Over time, the coils of this part expand and are then able to touch the metal case, which leads to grounding. Then the specified part of the dryer loses the ability to turn off when passing through the cycle of processing things. Gradually, the unit overheats, which leads to the operation of the thermal fuse.

Grounding the heating element

To eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to take certain actions, after disconnecting the household appliance from electricity.

You need to separate its back panel and find the heating element located below. After that, in the lower part of the dryer, the wires leading to it should be separated. It is immediately required to remember or fix their position so as not to experience difficulties when assembling the device.

Next, it is necessary to remove the high-heating thermostat from the old heating element and transfer it to a new one. It is necessary to carefully study its position, and then carefully fix it with screws in the heating block. Then you should change the wires. At the end, the equipment is reconnected to electricity and the correct operation of its functioning is checked.

The fuse must be replaced every time it blows. The part has a one-time use nature and is not able to reset its settings. And in order to understand the essence of the process in the future, it is also worth immediately to accurately determine the reason for its involvement.