Dryer smells like burning. Fire hazard

If a distinct burning smell emanates from the unit, then appropriate measures must be taken urgently. This symbol warns of an increased risk of fire in a household appliance. Therefore, the first thing in this case, you need to urgently turn it off.

Most often, this situation develops for a number of reasons.

  1. Overflow of the tray with villi. They not only slow down the operation of the device, but can also lead to a fire. Therefore, it should be cleaned after each use of the equipment.
  2. A clogged ventilation hose also causes a burning smell. Therefore, it is required to regularly inspect and remove the villi in a timely manner.
  3. The presence of kinks in the tube leads to the fact that air is not able to freely pass through it. As a result, its joint is blocked and overheated.
  4. Worn belt. A broken piece or excess rubber often causes this type of odor. If there is a defect, it is urgent to replace the element.
  5. Breakdown of the thermostat. To repair it, you should invite an experienced specialist.
  6. Failure or burnout of the motor, which will also need to be replaced.

Dryer smells like burning

In some cases, this smell occurs due to overloading the dryer with laundry. Sometimes part of it will fall into the gap between the drum and the wall of the unit, which causes burning. Therefore, you do not need to overload it with an excess of things.

Possibility of ignition of a household appliance

Sometimes these devices catch fire. This is due to:

  • contamination of their ventilation openings;
  • accumulation of excess lint in winter, when warm clothes are more often dried (knitwear, sweater, sweatshirt and other things);
  • presence of flammable substances on them;
  • lack of pre-treatment of products that have been in contact with flammable household chemicals, gas or oils;
  • heater combustion.

Any of the causes can start a fire. Therefore, you should regularly clean the equipment and carry out its full service maintenance.

Ignition due to belt failure

Ignition due to belt failure

Rupture of such a part can cause a burning smell and increase the risk of fire if routine maintenance and care of the dryer is neglected.

If the belt has deteriorated, then it is urgent to replace it with a new one. Such a breakdown very often becomes a trigger for the failure of the unit.

The increased temperature of the rubber, which is necessary for the processing of linen and the constant friction of a drum that is not able to rotate properly in a confined space, quickly leads to an increase in fire hazard. It does not happen often, but you need to carefully check the usefulness of the condition of the parts, the absence of damage or obstruction to work.

If a grinding sound is heard during the operation of a household appliance or the drum does not rotate as it should, then its belt is damaged.

Ignition due to belt failure

In this case, it needs to be replaced by a professional craftsman who will install a new tape. In this simple way, you will be able to protect your home from fires.

Actions in case of a burning smell

In this case, you must immediately turn off the equipment. If its owner feels like he is pulling burnt, then something is broken. Therefore, he needs to find a damaged part or check for blockage in the ventilation system. You should not continue the cycle of work in the hope that the problem will suddenly disappear by itself or be discovered during the operation of the dryer.

The best option is to stop it immediately. It is better to stop the unit right during the cycle. If such a step is not possible, then it is urgent to disconnect it from the power supply. Then the household appliance involuntarily stops working. Then you need to leave it alone so that the mechanism cools down.

In the meantime, it is better to check the condition of the tray in search of blockages with villi. You should also check the hoses behind the dryer for kinks. You should also check the belt for defects or breaks.

Actions in case of a burning smell

There are a number of reasons already mentioned. Therefore, it is rather difficult to tell right away which one caused the problem. In this case, it is best to call the repairman so that he fully inspects the car, diagnoses it and examines the details. Then he will issue his expert opinion on the nature of the breakdown.

Unit overheating

These household appliances are quite capable of overheating. Some devices of the new series are equipped with an automatic shutdown option to immediately stop them in the event of a fire hazard. But the majority of models cannot work that way.

Most often, overheating of the dryer occurs due to airflow limitation. If there is a blockage in the internal passage, the corresponding hose gets stuck in the drum, which leads to an increase in temperature. As a result, in the absence of urgent action, the fire hazard increases significantly.

Another common factor is the presence of damage or breakdown of the thermostat. In this case, its change also needs to be entrusted to an experienced professional.

There are also problems with the heating element. Gradually, it wears out and turns off, resulting in direct contact with the drum and other internal parts. Their increased friction often leads to overheating.

Aluminum foil fire

Aluminum foil fire

Most often, such a breakdown does not occur at all. Most users of household appliances use balls of the appropriate material to prevent discharges of static electricity when drying things and speed up the completion of the process.

Technical service technicians strongly recommend that you first make sure that the elements introduced into the dryer are distributed correctly in its internal cavity, completely surrounded by linen and immediately removed after the end of the cycle of the unit.