Why the GE dryer is squeaking?

Most often, a GE dryer makes a creaking sound when the drive belt is worn out, the idler pulley is defective, or the motor bearings fail. Completely new units should not be noisy. An only exception is a foreign object stuck inside them. If such a sound is heard, then it is usually not dangerous for a household appliance. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to find out why it occurs and what to do with it.

Reasons for the appearance of a creak

Most often there are 3 main reasons for the occurrence of unpleasant sounds. These include a worn drive belt, damaged or misaligned idler pulley, and broken motor bearings.

The following will detail each of them, explaining how the part works, why it breaks, and what can be done to fix the problem.

Worn drive belt

The rotation of the drum inside the device is carried out by the action of the drive belt connecting it to the motor. It is made of rubber and is wound around the center of the work of the equipment, and also passed through the pulleys.

The power generated by the motor allows the belt to spin, which in turn transfers energy to the drum. That is, the belt serves as a transition from it to the motor.

Worn drive belt

The GE drive must be kept under constant tension in order for the belt to provide traction as it rotates. But sometimes its action becomes a source of problems with creaking.

The belt that constantly rotates the drum is subjected to serious friction. Gradually, it leads the part to significant wear. Then it deteriorates, stretches, or even breaks. Then the tape loses its ability to control the dryer drum as it should. Therefore, the drive will skip during its operation, making a noticeable creak.

Machine belts cannot be repaired. Therefore, they should be replaced. Making this repair is pretty easy.

  1. Raise or remove the top panel of the unit.
  2. Then you need to remove its front part to gain access to the drum and the belt wound around it.
  3. He needs to be released. In tension, it is held by the tension pulley. Therefore, to remove the belt, you must press it.
  4. Then you need to install a new part. With the grooved side, it turns down and wraps around the drum, motor, and idler.
  5. In the end, the front and top panels are returned to their place.

Idler pulley damaged or misaligned

This part is one of the parts through which the drive is passed. It is a wheel with a spring. It keeps the belt under strong tension for full drum operation.

Finding and fixing the video is very easy. It is located inside the device next to the belt and looks like a wheel attached to a fixed arm.

The idler pulley can also wear out or be damaged. If a part of it fails or leaves its place, then problems will immediately arise with the parts interacting with it.

The drum can sometimes still spin and then the belt will most likely emit a strong creak during operation. A similar thing indicates that the idler pulley is not functioning as it should. Therefore, it does not provide a normal ratio of parts.

To solve this problem, you need to access the element. In this case, you should follow all the steps that have already been described in the previous example with the replacement of the drive belt.

To temporarily alleviate the situation and reduce noise, you need to coat the roller with a lubricant. But it is worth realizing that such a step will only work for a very short time. But he will not save the situation if the tension roller is completely damaged.

If it is completely out of order, it must be replaced.

  1. First you need to release the drive belt. Such a measure will allow you to remove the part.
  2. Then you should take a new spare part and install it in the appropriate place.
  3. After that, it is required to wind it on the tension pulley.
  4. Before returning vehicle panels, make sure the drive belt is neatly aligned and properly positioned with all GE internals.

Worn motor bearings

The dryer is powered by a rotating shaft motor. It includes bearings allowing it to spin smoothly even at very high speeds without friction or noise.

Worn motor bearings

Such parts are also subject to wear and tear. Then the shaft will begin to be subjected to a greater load than before. That is why he will start making unpleasant sounds.

If they are heard, it is advisable to urgently eliminate the problem that has arisen. If the noise comes from the motor and does not stop immediately, it can be like a grinding noise. This means that the engine is damaged from the inside and the owner of the car will have to spend money on expensive repairs.

But early identification of the problem will save it even before serious damage is done to it. Then you just have to replace the motor bearings.

But the drive shaft is in the casing, so it cannot be repaired by yourself. Therefore, it will be necessary to contact a professional craftsman who will perform all the required work.

GE unit creaking under the load

Determining the causes of a squeaking sound from a home appliance can often be a difficult task. It would be easier to solve it if it were constant and would be heard every time the drum was rotated. The reasons for this problem have already been explained in the previous sections.

But it is worth immediately determining what becomes the source of the squeak of the GE device when loading clothes into the drum. Despite the fact that when it is empty, it works quietly. This is for one of 2 reasons.

creaking under the load

Idler pulley damaged or misaligned

Sometimes there are problems with this part. When the technique is empty, like its drum, then the creak is not heard. This kind of thing happens because the GE works with no effort to hold onto the rotation of the drive belt.

It is very difficult to turn the tank filled with wet laundry. Therefore, the tension pulley is under significant load and begins to make unpleasant sounds. Then you need to quickly change the video, until the situation worsens even more. Otherwise, the squeak will begin to be heard even when the drum is empty.

Duct felt seal misalignment

There is a felt pad in the front bottom area of the dryer. Its purpose is to prevent the friction of the metal drum and the front panel during the operation of the unit.

If the seal deteriorates or something gets stuck in it, then such a problem can lead to touching a rotating part on any surface. Then the corresponding sound will begin to be heard.

Squeaking when working with a new GE household appliance

If the device has just been purchased, it should function without much noise. All its structural elements are newly produced, perfectly lubricated and fully tested. Then unpleasant sounds can be heard due to the presence of a foreign object.

It usually gets stuck in the felt seal mentioned earlier or in the lint filter. The solution to the problem is to locate and remove it before using the GE dryer again.