How much does it cost to replace a heating element in a dryer?

This job can become a real challenge, especially when the user has washed their clothes and realizes during the cycle that the dryer is no longer heating up. As a result, it becomes necessary to look for another way to quickly dry wet clothes. Sometimes this can be an affordable solution, although sometimes calling in specialists hits hard on the pocket.

The basic principle of the dryer is that the fan draws air into it passing through the heating element. As a result, the air itself heats up and enters the drum. Clothes are already spinning there, waiting for their complete drying. If suddenly this procedure, for one reason or another, begins to take longer than it is allotted, or the clothes after that still continue to be damp, it may be that the heating element needs to be replaced. It is logical and fair to assume that in such a situation the question of the cost of the event is relevant.

It all depends on a large number of factors, and only the part itself is purchased, and then the payment for the work of specialists is carried out.

replace a heating element in a dryer

How much does it cost to replace a heating element for different brands of dryers?

It all depends on what brand or model of the product is used.

  1. It is quite cheap to buy a part and replace it with a Samsung device, especially if you use the services of a specialized store for this on the Internet.
  2. You can pay twice as much by initiating the replacement of an LG electric dryer, since the heating elements for it, in principle, are more expensive than for many other models.
  3. If you are a happy owner of a Kenmore unit, then you are in luck because the cost of the heating element here is low, this is one of the cheapest units, regardless of where you purchased it.
  4. The heating element for Maytag brand dryers is more expensive.
  5. The same cost as in the fourth paragraph is fixed for Whirlpool devices. Moreover, you can find them in free sale quite easily, since the models are running.

All these prices can vary greatly depending on the year of manufacture of the model and the demand for the heating element. These costs will have to be incurred only for the part itself, services for calling a specialist are additionally paid.

replace a heating element in a dryer costs

What to choose – independent actions or calling a professional?

It is best to prefer the second option since the specialist is usually trained in theory and is fluent in practice, but the cost of his work is sometimes too high because you have to pay for manual labor, as well as cover other fees.

Often, the cost of maintenance can vary in the same range as the part itself, that is, the difference can be twice or even more. Sometimes the fee is fixed, and sometimes the master sets the rate for the hour of his work. It all depends on the specific technician or organization. At times, an additional fee may be required, for example, if the technician is having trouble finding the optimal heating element for the dryer.

If the dryer model was released a long time ago and has served you well, it can take a long time to find the required part. If it is not possible to simply reproduce the heating element, additional fees and, of course, the time spent can also be billed in advance.

What are the advantages of self-installation is that it will come out cheaper, because all that needs to be done is just to purchase a heating element. Sometimes it can be located in different parts of the device, so before installing it, you will have to study its design. This is an additional waste of time and significant monetary savings.

Warranty check

Warranty check

Before deciding who exactly will repair the dryer, you need to find out if it is covered by the warranty. It all depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the specific model. And if this is a device that has already been in use, there will probably be no guarantee, but you should definitely check this point before calling a specialist.

If the warranty is still valid, the manufacturer will purchase the heating element at his own expense and cover the costs of its installation. It must be borne in mind that if the user attempts to operate the equipment on their own, this may, and most often will, void the warranty. So trying to fix the device yourself while it is covered by a coupon is not recommended.

Location matters

When calculating the final repair cost, the location of the user must be taken into account, since the prices for spare parts and installation work differ between regions. An important role is played by the accounting of state taxes and the scale of the company’s activities.

heating element in a dryer services repair

If the firm that is hired to replace the part is located in a small town, it may charge more money for its services than a standard workshop in a large population center. Payment for work can be fixed or depend on the specific amount of work performed. It varies according to the city, so before ordering events, you should definitely study the situation and make the right decision.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that there are several factors that can change the cost of a heating element. This is, first of all, the make and model of the device, the year of its release, as well as the independent performance of work or hiring a professional. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the nuances of a particular dryer to determine the exact cost, and also check for a guarantee. It is best to use the manufacturer’s repair and replacement service as it is cheaper than doing it yourself.