The most popular reasons why Samsung dryer not heating

Samsung household dryers for washed clothes have become familiar household appliances that make the life of a modern person more comfortable. They are so reliable and comfortable that people quickly get used to being able to get dry, clean clothes in almost an hour after washing. Due to this, it is possible to dry not only clothes made from light fabrics but also thick knitted or quilted models thanks to Samsung household machines. When such a unit breaks down, its owners must decide whether to repair the old machine, or whether it is better to purchase a new device for drying clothes. Without such household appliances, life in the city with its accelerated rhythm of life is very difficult. To fix such a problem, you should make the right choice when deciding whether to spend money on replacing a broken part in a dryer or buying a new Samsung machine. To do this, you need to understand the reasons for the breakdown of various components of such household appliances in order to objectively assess the costs of your budget.

Common causes of failure

Household appliances of this brand most often fail when several important components break down. Understanding the principle of breakdown, you can pre-calculate the cost of repairs and restore the functionality of such useful household appliances with minimal costs. Knowing the service life of certain parts of the drying unit, it is possible to replace them in a timely manner, extending the service life of such household appliances. A brief overview of the most common breakdowns will help you better understand the operation of Samsung household dryers. If the owner of such household appliances understands electrical equipment, a number of malfunctions can be eliminated independently, subject to the availability of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in working with electrical equipment.

Burnt out heating element

Burnt out heating element

It is the heating element that is responsible for drying the washed clothes. For each Samsung model, the manufacturer installs different types of heating elements. The heat from them with the help of a fan is supplied to the drum with wet laundry, due to which the clothes are dried.

As statistics show, the failure of the heating element is the most common cause of malfunction of Samsung machines. Such a breakdown accounts for 80% of all cases of contacting service centres.

Masters before repairing necessarily carry out a diagnostic examination of a household appliance, using special equipment to check its resistance.

To understand what state it is in, you will need to carry out diagnostics by visually inspecting the heating element, or by checking it with a multimeter. If it is working, the resistance reading on the multimeter will be 10 ohms. For visual inspection, you will need a flashlight that allows you to detect burnouts and breaks on the heating element.

To restore the working condition of the drying unit, the burned-out heating element will need to be replaced with a new one. To do this, you need to disassemble the machine body in order to gain access to the heating element. Before starting work, you will need to disconnect the unit from the network and study the technical manual in order to understand where the heating element is installed in it.

To get to it, you will need to dismantle several nodes:

  • panels;
  • drum;
  • other parts covering the heating element.

To remove the old burnt-out heating element, you will need to unscrew the screws securing it and disconnect the electrical connectors. Then you need to put a new heater, tighten the screws, insert the connectors and install all other elements in reverse order.

Thermal fuse failure

The thermal fuse is a part that protects the units of the unit from overheating. They can be attributed to consumables, since often such parts burn out during the operation of the dryer, preventing expensive components from burning out.

It is installed on the heating element, preventing it from burning out during strong heating. Of 100% of all causes of Samsung dryer breakdowns, 10% are due to blown fuses. The cause of overheating of the nodes are clogged ventilation channels that do not allow the airflow to cool the heating elements. The thermal fuse in such a situation takes all the risks and burns out.

Thermal fuse failure

To change such a consumable, you will need to disconnect the machine from the network. Then study the datasheet of a particular model to understand where the fuse is located. It is usually located behind the back panel.

Allow the heating element to cool down before starting repairs. Then replace the blown fuse with a new one. It will also be necessary to clean the ventilation ducts to ensure good airflow to cool the heater with airflow. This will extend the life of the fuse.

Breakdown of the cyclic thermostat

The cyclic thermostat is responsible for the safety and durability of the heating element, making sure that the operating unit is heated cyclically. The temperature inside it rises until it reaches the desired level, after which the heating element turns off. When the temperature level drops below the set value, the thermostat turns on the heating again. While drying the laundry, the machine switches on and off several times. The thermostat ensures that the desired temperature level is maintained during the operating cycle.

The cyclic thermostat is responsible for turning the heater on and off during the drying of the laundry, making sure that the temperature regime reaches the desired values.

cyclic thermostat

Such an element of “Samsung” during the operation of the unit is constantly subjected to loads, so after a certain period of time, it may fail. A broken device stops detecting the temperature level during machine operation and turns off the heating element. Due to the maximum heat, it quickly fails.

Most often, the thermostat breaks in an old car due to an increased level of wear. To determine it, you need to conduct a diagnostic examination using a multimeter, which checks the resistance of the cyclic thermostat. If it is in good condition, the multimeter will read 0.1-0.5 ohms.

A faulty thermostat will show different resistance data. In this case, it should be replaced. To fix a broken thermostat, you must first find the place where it is installed. Most often it is located behind the rear panel of the unit.

In different models, the installation location of such a part may vary. To determine exactly where it is, you should study the technical documentation and the description of the specific model of the dryer.

Before starting repair work, the equipment must be disconnected from the mains. To replace the cyclic thermostat, you need to remove its electrical connector and unscrew the screws that fix the part in place.

Then a new thermostat is installed in the following sequence: first, the bolts are screwed, then the connector is replaced and the back panel is installed in place.

Breakage of the control board heater relay

The operation of such household appliances is controlled by the main board. It is she who is responsible for controlling and coordinating the operation of the machine, and above all, for generating heat. On the control board, various electronic components are installed that are responsible for the various functions of the unit, as well as a relay that turns on and off the heating element.

Breakage of the control board heater relay

The relay may break, and the control board will be in working order, but will not work because the relay has burned out. To eliminate such a breakdown, you will need to replace the relay or control board.

To replace it yourself, you need to know where such a part is installed. In different Samsung models, it can be in different places. To carry out repairs, you will have to remove the front panel, having previously studied the technical description of a particular model.

To replace the board, you will need to remove the mounting screws that secure it and disconnect the electrical connectors. Then put a new board, fasten the screws and insert its connectors into their original place.

Power Supply Problems

The drum in which the laundry is dried is heated by connecting to the mains. The heating element will require a 240V two-phase current to operate. Power supply problems may be that one of the two switches may not work in a two-phase power connection. Because of this, the drum in the machine will only heat up to half the operating power from one phase. The motor and the control board with the relay will receive the required amount of electricity, and the heating element will not heat up to operating values.

To fix this problem, you should connect the machine to full power by checking the two-phase circuit breakers. If, when reconnecting, one of the switches does not work again, then you need to call an electrician and check the wiring. If she is in order, you will have to call the master for the Samsung machine.

Power Supply Problems

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Dryer Breakdowns

Experts identify several types of the most frequently asked questions about the breakdown of such units. Below are questions and answers that will help you quickly determine the cause of the malfunction of such household appliances.

Why does the heating element break in the Samsung dryer?
If the new heating element quickly burned out after replacement, it means that the internal components are weakly blown by air supplied to them through the ventilation ducts. To prevent this from happening, you should maintain good air exchange in the unit. The air flow cools the heating elements, preventing them from overheating and wear out quickly.

The decrease in the intensity of the air supply occurs due to clogging of the ventilation holes. Maintaining good air exchange will allow regular cleaning of ventilation and filters. With the help of such preventive maintenance of household appliances, you can extend the life of heating elements.

How to understand that the heating element has burned out?
To check the heating element, you can use a visual inspection, or a special device – a multimeter. In the first case, you will need to remove the heating element and inspect in good light.

Upon careful examination of a burnt-out heating element, it is possible to detect gaps, traces of soot on the coils on it. These signs indicate that the heating element is out of order.

A multimeter checks for resistance in the heating coil. To do this, the probe of the device is pressed against the terminals of the heating element. If the heating element is working, the device will give a sound signal. The absence of sound indication indicates a breakdown of the heating device.

Do I need to change the heating element in the car, or is it better to buy a new unit?
It often seems to owners of Samsung machines that it is easier to buy a new model if the heating element has burned out in the old one, since its replacement is expensive. This is not always the case. To make the right choice, you should first compare the cost of repair with the price of a new dryer. If the price of repairs does not exceed 50% of the price of new household appliances, then it is better to pay for repairs. If the repair cost is half the price of a new dryer or more, then it is better to buy a new model.

How much does it cost to replace a heating element?
The cost of such a node includes the price of the heating element itself and the wages of the master, who will dismantle the old part and install a new one in its place.

The price of a heating element for this brand of cars is 50-150 dollars. Payment for the work of a specialist is 120-200 dollars. You can save on repairs by installing a heating element yourself. This can be done only if you have theoretical knowledge and practical skills. If the owner of household appliances is poorly versed in electrical appliances, then it is better to entrust such work to a specialist from the service center. When choosing a heating element, consider the model of the unit.