Why is my Samsung dryer won’t start

The famous Samsung dryers are famous all over the world. And yet, they are subject to a number of problems that arise when they are launched. These situations arise with units of any company. They turn out to be quite unpleasant when you urgently need to use such a household appliance.

Therefore, it is necessary to list a number of main reasons why this can happen. Some of them are more common, others are less.

They usually become:

  • failure of the tension pulley microswitch;
  • defective door latch;
  • malfunction of the drum belt;
  • breakage of the tension pulley;
  • a problem with the motor;
  • the thermal fuse is blown.

Idler pulley failure

Housewives face this alarming situation most often. The dryer runs at very high speeds. They are driven by a drive belt and a set of pulleys. The “Idler Pulley” is designed to maintain a constant tension on the drive, which is able to effectively turn the drum of the machine.

Idler pulley failure

The part includes a pulley with a central axis passing through a row of bearings. It is mounted on a lever, and the drive is wound around the wheel on its way to the rear area of the drum.

The idler pulley constantly acts on the belt, ensuring that it remains in a taut position. Gradually, it wears out and finally fails as the unit itself ages. Therefore, a damaged part becomes the most common cause of a malfunction in the launch of Samsung household appliances.

It fails even faster if the device is frequently used. Therefore, in large families, where it is often necessary to use it, it serves for a much shorter period. It is quite difficult to change a damaged tension pulley.

First, open the front access panel and remove the drum. Such actions are aimed at providing access to a part located deep inside the dryer near its rear.

It is required to remove the drive belt from the tension pulley, and then put a new one in its place. After that, it is necessary to fully assemble the machine in a strictly defined sequence. It will be necessary to change the drive belt, then the drum and finally the front panel.

Drum belt break

Drum belt break

Samsung units use a rather complex system of various bearings, rollers and pulleys, designed to properly maintain the prescribed rotation of the drum. Together they are closely connected by a drive or “drum” belt.

Usually it is made of special rubber, it is twisted from the outside of a similar part, as well as around the drive and idler pulley. The drive securely clasps them in the form of a strong coil, which maximizes the rotational capacity of the drum.

Over a sufficiently long period and intensive use of a household appliance, the part is subject to wear. If you do not change it for a long period, then it can break. If this happens, the motor of the Samsung device will continue to spin very quickly, but its power will not affect the drum in any way.

Changing the tension pulley is not difficult.

  1. It is important to immediately disconnect the equipment from electricity before starting work.
  2. Then you need to remove the access panel in order to get to the belt.
  3. If it is wrapped around moving parts, it will remain in a taut position even if it is not functioning. Therefore, it is required to press the roller for its complete release.
  4. During the installation of a new belt, it must be wrapped tightly in the form of a coil around the motor and the intermediate pulley. Then you will also need to circle it around the drum.

Idler microswitch failure

This part is usually located next to the engine. It is designed to perform the most important function, which is to report a break in the drive belt. If this happens, then the dryer will not waste energy to start the motor.

That is, if the microswitch finds a gap, it will immediately open the electrical circuit and immediately stop the supply of electricity to the engine.

True to its name, the idler microswitch is a mechanically actuated relay. In other words, it is equipped with moving parts that can wear out during long and intensive use.

For example, a part has for some reason been exposed to excessive moisture. Such a problem greatly accelerates its obsolescence, followed by a short circuit, breakage, or rusting. The combination of such unpleasant phenomena also accelerates the failure of the switch and the failure of the dryer to start.

Idler microswitch failure

The microswitch of the tension roller is very easy to change. As with any other part of the Samsung assembly, the main difficulty is to provide access to the part.

First you need to completely disconnect the household appliance from electricity. Then you should very carefully study the instructions for it or its technical passport. This will help you find out which access panel you want to open. It is possible that you will have to remove the motor housing, belt and pulleys in order to get to the switch.

After completing all the required steps, you must disconnect the connectors and remove the part. Then you need to install a new one, and then assemble the Samsung device in a strictly defined order.

Engine malfunction

The dryer motor is the most important and central part of its design. It works on electric current, creating new capacities. They are transmitted through the previously mentioned belt and pulleys to the drum.

The functioning motor of the machine is designed to ensure its smooth and silent rotation. Therefore, certain sounds during the operation of a functioning unit are heard in the form of a soft buzz when a new laundry cycle is triggered.

Engine malfunction

The engine of a Samsung household appliance wears out over time and fails. If the device refuses to turn on, then it is possible that the starting winding has burned out in its mechanism. Electricity will flow to the motor and it will make humming noises but will not start. Therefore, if the equipment makes noise, but does not function, then most likely this is what happened.

Changing the dryer motor is a very difficult task. Therefore, in this case, it is better to simply call a professional master who will do the job as expected.

If the owner makes a decision about his own repair, then he needs to clearly imagine the sequence of steps.

  1. First you need to completely turn off the power to the machine.
  2. Then you need to remove the access panel and remove the drum for the convenience of work.
  3. From the very beginning, you need to remember where each of the detachable parts leads. These include air duct, fan impeller belt, various fasteners and pulleys.
  4. After removing them, remove the engine.
  5. Then you need to install a new one and assemble the unit in the reverse order by connecting the air duct, fan impeller, belt, pulleys and electrical connectors.
  6. At the end, the drum is installed and the access panel is installed in place.

Thermal fuse blown

Thermal fuse blown

Such a detail is present in absolutely any Samsung household appliance that heats up when it is turned on. On this type of device, it is usually located on the fan case.

According to its name, the electric fuse is instantly triggered by heat. Therefore, in those annoying cases when the temperature inside the equipment goes beyond the permissible limits, it burns out and opens the electrical circuit. At the same time, the power supply to the dryer is cut off, preventing damage to the dryer.

The blowing of a fuse that fuses easily is usually the harbinger of a much more serious situation. Therefore, in addition to changing it, it is necessary to determine what caused the unit to overheat.

Most often it happens due to a clogged vent. Crowded vents prevent the appliance from cooling, so the thermal fuse overheats and burns out.

In such a case, there are two types of solutions to the problem.

To change the melted part, open the dryer to gain access to the fan housing. Then you need to mount a new thermal fuse and install an electrical connector.

Additionally, it is worth cleaning the vent, as well as checking for the possibility of any other problem that could cause the machine to overheat.

Broken door latch

When the unit door closes again and again day after day, it is necessary to protect its lock from impact.

The latch is not just an ordinary additional detail, it has a more significant role. It is responsible for keeping the door closed, which helps prevent heat from escaping and allows the appliance to start doing its job.

Broken door latch

Over the period of long-term operation, its door opens and closes countless times. Therefore, if you do it roughly, the latch can break. Then it will not work to completely close the door of the device and it will simply refuse to work.

The part is located inside the door and is very easy to change. You need to unscrew and remove it. Then you need to install a new one in its place. At the end, close the door tightly and make sure that it is exactly aligned with the lock.