Samsung dryer: problems and troubleshooting

Despite the fact that very high-quality Samsung household appliances belong to one of the most famous brands, sometimes certain problems arise during its operation. Therefore, it is very important to notice them in time and take the necessary measures.

Heating element burnout

A common failure of this unit is the failure of the heating element. It generates heat, which helps to dry the laundry. You have to deal with its malfunction every 3-5 years.

In this case, it may be necessary to urgently replace the burnt part. Checking her condition is very easy. It should be removed from the household appliance, and inspect and examine the coils. If these elements are not grounded or damaged, then they are burned out.

Heating element burnout

It is impossible to visually determine the presence of such a defect in the heating element. To control its functionality, you need to stock up on a multimeter, which must be connected to the heating element.

The continuous-type coils usually work fine, but the non-continuous types burn out. If the multimeter reads 10 ohms, then everything is in order. If they do not change, then the element has burned out.

If the coils are damaged, broken, or fail the continuity test, the heating element must be replaced. You just need to purchase a new part and replace it with an old one that has worked out its time.

Thermal fuse blown

An equally common malfunction of Samsung devices is the failure of the fuse. A similar problem is already a threat, since the function of this part is to measure the temperature regime and prevent fire hazards.

The easiest way to determine the condition of this element is by the absence of heating of the dryer. Most modern units do not emit heat when it breaks.

In order to determine its status, you need:

  • disconnect the household appliance from electricity;
  • after studying the user’s manual or advice from experienced craftsmen on the Internet, find the right part;
  • then, unscrewing with a screwdriver and separating the wires from the fuse, remove the access panel;
  • Use a multimeter to examine the state of the element for burnout.

If the fuse is damaged, then you should purchase a new one similar to the one you have. First, you need to disconnect the dryer from the electricity and then install a new part. After that, you need to carefully monitor the connection of the wires.

If the multimeter indicates that the element has not burned out, you should contact a specialist to diagnose and repair the unit.

The appearance of a grinding sound during the operation of the drum rollers

The appearance of a grinding sound during the operation of the drum rollers

These sounds are often heard when a Samsung home appliance or devices from other manufacturers break down. It is clear that the problem does not require a complex definition, since the rattle in this case will be very distinct and it will not be possible to miss it. Usually, the cause of its occurrence is a defect or wear of the drum roller.

Damage interferes with its free rotation, as a result of which unpleasant sounds are heard. To check the condition of the parts, you must disassemble the device. To gain free access to the rollers, you need to remove the top and front panels, partitions, and drum.

The inside of the dryer should then be inspected for defects or wear. If they are found, new elements must be installed.

Idler pulley failure

In the event of damage to a single drum roller, it is worth replacing all relevant parts at once to prevent their premature grinding in the future.

Idler pulley failure

The most typical and frequently encountered problem on a Samsung machine is damage to the idler pulley. This part is designed to keep the unit belt in the correct position when turning around the drum.

If the tension roller breaks, the household appliance will function with a rattle or refuse to work at all.

To solve this problem, you need:

  1. Remove the device cover, remove all fasteners and remove the top.
  2. Remove the front panel and let the drum tilt forward.
  3. Inspect the pulley underneath to check the spring mechanism.
  4. Additionally, examine the condition of the bearing. If it does not spin freely, then it needs to be lubricated.
  5. If the problem persists, then update the part.
  6. Pull out the axle with pliers.
  7. After replacing the pulley, return it to its place.

Breakage of the control board heater relay

Stuck relay of the engine of the control board when the equipment is turned on

Another characteristic breakdown of Samsung dryers that requires the closest attention is the sticking of the control board motor relay in the ON position. It is possible to determine its presence only when, after the completion of a certain cycle, the unit continues to spin. To stop it, open the door or completely disconnect the household appliance from electricity.

A new main control board is needed to solve the problem. Before starting the repair, you need to disconnect the device from electricity and, after removing a few screws, disconnect its upper part from the case.

This will open the main control board. It should be removed, but first, you need to disconnect the cords and remove them from the retaining tabs. Then you need to remove the damaged part, replace it with a new one and connect the wires.

control board relay

In the end, you need to reattach the top of the dryer. The most detailed information provided here will greatly simplify troubleshooting and solve a variety of problems related to Samsung units.

When repairing any household appliances, you must always remember that working with their internal parts requires turning off the devices and disconnecting them from electricity. It is also important to get used to studying in detail all the recommendations and basic tips for daily maintenance of equipment that the user manual provides.