Types of dryers: do all they need a vent

A lot of people are trying to get a dryer. This unit is directly connected to an outdoor ventilation hose. But does every household appliance need proper ventilation, or can they do without it?

In fact, not all devices of this type require complex technical support for their normal functioning. But they must always be equipped with an appropriate hose to help remove moisture, lint and heat outside the building. Non-ventilated models include tumble dryers with a condenser and a heat pump, which do not require a special opening. Therefore, they can be placed in any well-ventilated part of the house.

The Importance of Ventilation

It is worth understanding why some units need ventilation, while others do not. First you need to find out the importance of using vents in such household appliances: they work with hot air to evaporate moisture from the clothes rotating inside them.

The Importance of Ventilation

But it should be taken out somewhere, since it is impossible to let too much heat into the room. This function is performed by a vent that removes by-products to the outside.

Safety of operation of devices without ventilation

Equipment without ventilation cannot be safely operated. If you disconnect the appropriate hose from the back of it and continue to use it, then a number of dangers will arise.

These include:

  1. Fire hazard. Any tumble dryer of this type presents a fire safety challenge right from the start due to the high temperatures generated and the accumulation of fluff. The existing risk is further increased when it is used without a vent, as heat and fluff remain inside. But hot air and pile will enter the living room, quickly accumulating there.
  2. Mold formation. Deprived of an appropriate outlet, the machines actively let hot air into the house, releasing a large amount of moisture. Therefore, it becomes hot there, which contributes to the rapid reproduction of the fungus. You need to know that it poses a serious risk to the human body.
  3. Accumulation of carbon monoxide. Gas appliances emit a similar by-product, which must be removed from the room. The operation of household appliances without a ventilation hole is very harmful for those who are in the room. Further increasing the danger is that this substance is odorless and colorless. Therefore, a person will not even be able to catch the moment when it begins to accumulate in the house, spreading further and further.

Devices without ventilation

Devices without ventilation

There are a number of important reasons why installing a fan is not very useful. These include an acute lack of free space and the lack of opportunities for appropriate repairs to allocate the required passage.

In our market, it offers its customers non-ventilated household models from leading manufacturers. They are divided into two types: condenser and heat pump.

Capacitor technology

This type of tumble dryer is a common variant of units without a fan. They are equipped with a condenser, so their owners do not have to worry about installing the appropriate passage.

In addition, such household appliances are very convenient. They are easy to install in almost any corner of the living space. It is better to place the device in a well-ventilated place where warm air is provided. Then it will function most efficiently.

Capacitor technology

Models equipped with a condenser, like any technique of this type, pass hot air through the drum to remove moisture from things. The difference lies in what happens after. In the absence of ventilation, heat is directed to a special chamber, where it is cooled, and moisture turns into a liquid.

To continue the drying cycle, the air is heated again and the water is placed in a special container. It must be poured manually. The liquid is easy to direct into the drain used by the washing machine. Then you don’t have to worry about emptying the tank.

Heat pump equipment

These dryers are similar to condenser dryers. They differ in that in them the air circulates in a closed space.

A unit of this type of design generates heat, which is then used to remove moisture from the laundry. The main advantage of a household appliance is that it uses less heat during operation, which has a better effect on things and contributes to the consumption of a relatively small amount of electricity.

Heat pump equipment

When hot air passes through the drum, it cools and removes moisture. Then it warms up again and goes through a new cycle again. Its recirculation in a closed circuit system is a major advantage over heat pump equipped units. Thanks to this scheme, the model consumes less energy.

Advantages of fanless technology

Dryers of this type are very easy to use. They have a lot of benefits. You need to list them.

No need for additional rebuilding

To install a ventilation passage for equipment, it is necessary to make a hole in the wall. In addition, you will have to install a special cover to prevent various contaminants from getting inside. Such works are not suitable for many users. Some of them seek to avoid significant changes in the house, and some are not able to use them at all due to certain prohibitions (for example, if housing is rented).

When buying a non-ventilated unit, such problems disappear.

Ease of installation

Ease of installation

Conventional ventilated appliances need to be placed close to certain sides of the house to reduce the length of the corresponding aisle, which simultaneously reduces the number of placement options.

Devices without ventilation are much easier to place. They can be placed in any well ventilated area.

No need for frequent cleanings

Model spaces with ventilation are often clogged with lint and dirt. Therefore, at least once or twice a year, they need a thorough cleaning, which is carried out by professional craftsmen.

Equipment without ventilation does not need complex maintenance. Only a small part of them require simple processing. For example, the user takes out a condenser unit and cleans it right above the kitchen sink in a few minutes.

High energy efficiency

Units without ventilation, especially those equipped with a heat pump, retain the hot air inside. They start it up again and warm it up several times, reducing the loss of electrical energy. Therefore, these household appliances require less electricity than conventional ventilated appliances.

High energy efficiency

Disadvantages of fanless technology

These dryers have many benefits. But before acquiring them, you need to take into account a number of negative aspects that you should be prepared for.

High price

Machines without ventilation will cost a little more than traditional units.

It is better to look at the additional costs of purchasing them as an investment in reducing electrical energy consumption and overall reduction in operating costs.

Smaller volume

Ventilation household appliances, unlike conventional ones, have a lower performance. If they are purchased to serve a large family, where they will be used frequently, then such a thing will become a significant inconvenience. The hostess will be forced to load fewer clothes and go to the dryer more often to process all the required amount of laundry.

Long drying period

Units without a fan, especially appliances equipped with a heat pump, operate at much lower temperatures. Therefore, they are more careful about things. But at the same time, they need much more time to completely dry it.

The need to empty the water tank

Non-ventilated household appliances retain the moisture removed from things by moving it to a special reservoir. Therefore, it becomes necessary to empty it before it is filled. Only then is it allowed to continue drying a new portion of clothing.

There is a good way to solve the problem that has arisen. Water can be easily removed from the device in the same drain that is used for the washing machine. Then you won’t have to worry about emptying the container.

Choosing between a condensing unit and a home appliance with a heat pump

Devices with a condenser and appliances equipped with a heat pump are equally highly efficient. But between them, the final choice should be made, which will best suit the owner.

The best purchase option is a model with a heat pump. Its production uses more modern technologies that contribute to an increase in overall efficiency. In this case, to continue the process inside the drum, the air after removing the moisture is again put into action.

Of course, these tumble dryers require significantly lower temperatures to function properly. But such a circumstance, based on the long term, helps to save money and electricity, which makes using the unit a much more profitable investment and a more convenient option for any home.