Easy repair if Kenmore Elite refrigerator not cooling

Refrigerators, presented by Kenmore Elite, have established themselves as high-quality and durable appliances. At the same time, they do an excellent job with their main function – to keep food fresh for a long time. But it happens that they can fail.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at six of the most common reasons that cause the refrigerator to stop freezing.

An unexpected breakdown of equipment can spoil not only the mood of its owner, but also lead to spoilage of a large number of products. In addition, due to a breakdown in the refrigerator, an unpleasant odor can appear, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Therefore, it is important to detect the problem as soon as possible and fix it promptly. So, let’s move on to possible problems that lead to the fact that the refrigerator stops freezing:

  • freezing of the evaporator fan;
  • burning of the defrost thermostat;
  • the compressor start relay is out of order;
  • compressor failure;
  • insufficient level of freon in the cooling system.

Freezing fan performer

Freezing fan performer

The most common problem is a broken evaporator fan. This element plays an important role, it is necessary to maintain a low temperature in the freezer. Without it, food will not freeze.

Severe icing of this mechanism can cause damage to the motor located inside the fan. Some refrigerator models are equipped with two evaporator fans. One of them is located in the freezer, and the second is installed directly in the refrigerator compartment. If the device has one fan, then it is located in the freezer sector.

A failed evaporator fan will not be able to supply cold air to the refrigerator. This will cause the refrigerator compartment to stop cooling.

Gradually, the temperature of the air in the refrigerator will begin to rise. In this case, the temperature in the freezer can remain in a low range.

The solution to the problem is to replace the broken part. After repair, it is necessary to test the refrigerator and check its correct operation.

Loss of damper control

In some sources, this part is called a damper regulator, air diffuser, or air damper. The main function of this mechanism is to regulate the air flow that comes from the freezer to cool the refrigerator compartment.

The damper regulator works on the principle of a valve. In the event of a breakdown, the passage of air flow will be limited. In some cases, it is interrupted completely.

Loss of damper control

A broken part cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Repair should begin by disconnecting the device from the power supply.

We remind you that all repair work should be carried out only when the electrical appliance is completely de-energized. Compliance with safety regulations must not be neglected.

Find the part to be replaced. You can identify it by the body of expanded polystyrene or plastic. In addition, the element can be supplemented with a foam seal, which prevents leakage into the refrigerator. Some appliances have a light bulb. It is necessary to measure temperature.

In the event of a decrease or increase in temperature, the air diffuser will change the control process.

Before changing the damper, it is worth checking the correct installation of the light bulb. Also make sure it is not damaged. After that, you need to try to move the control knob yourself. The mechanism must move freely. Then check the position of the damper. If during the check you find that the air damper is completely closed or partially open, but its movement is difficult, then the part must be replaced.

Defrost thermostat burnout

If you suspect that the cause of the breakdown may be hiding in a faulty thermostat, then you need to check it for operability. For this you need a multimeter. Set the device to continuity, then touch the wires of the multimeter to the wires of the thermostat. If the device does not emit any signals, then we can say that the circuit is open. If there is sound, then this indicates that the circuit is closed. In this variant, the heating element remains switched on and accumulates even more heat.

When visually inspecting the thermostat, you can see a set of numbers. These combinations indicate the temperature at which the defrost thermostat is activated or closed.

Defrost thermostat burnout

The designation “C” means that the instrument uses the Celsius scale. In some models, you may see the designation “F”, which is a Fahrenheit scale.

When the thermostat closes, the evaporator turns on and heats up the back of the freezer. Due to the rise in temperature, the ice that forms directly on the thermostat will melt.

If, for some reason, the thermostat cannot melt the layer of frost, then there is a high probability of a blockage. All this will lead to the fact that the flow of cold air into the refrigerator compartment will be blocked.

Compressor start relay failed

The start relay is a mechanism that is responsible for converting the refrigerant from gas to liquid by heating. The condenser takes heat from the liquid, and then distills the refrigerant into the expansion chamber.

It is his work that is heard with the characteristic buzz of the refrigerator. However, if you notice that your device has stopped making noise, then you should be wary. Most likely, the refrigerator has failed and stopped freezing. The cause of such a malfunction may be a broken compressor relay. The good news is that it will take no more than fifteen minutes to replace it.

Compressor failure

The compressor performs the function of a pump that pumps the refrigerant, and, accordingly, dissipates cold air in the refrigeration compartment. Thanks to its work, the refrigerant is sent to the coils to be converted into a liquid state of aggregation. Further, the liquid circulates in the system and provides the required low temperature conditions.

Compressor failure

Compressor failure will interrupt this chain. As a result, the supply of cold air will be limited or completely stopped. After that, the refrigerator will stop performing its main function.

The unhindered circulation of cold air ensures that the optimal temperature regime is maintained, which is necessary for the preservation of food. Its absence will quickly lead to an increase in the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has withdrawn the previously released Kenmore Elite model from the market. The fact is that in this modification of refrigerators, it was the compressor that very often failed. The compressor was enough for about ten years of active operation. In this case, the warranty service for this part does not exceed five years. If it breaks during this period, then you can expect a replacement or repair.

It is unlikely that you will be able to replace the compressor yourself. To do this, you will have to call the wizard.

Insufficient level of freon in the cooling system

Freon is a coolant, thanks to which the device is cooled. Its leakage can bring a lot of problems.

Insufficient level of freon in the cooling system

Without freon, the liquid will not turn into cold air at the moment it enters the expansion chamber. Continuous conversion of freon ensures the maintenance of the optimum temperature in the refrigerator.

If a freon leak is suspected, the first step is to check the integrity of the cooling line. If no damage was found, then it is worth inspecting the drain pan. It may be overcrowded. Then you need to get rid of its contents.

Before inspection, unplug the refrigerator from the mains. Removing the drain pan is a rather laborious process. You need to start by cleaning all the food from the refrigerator, as it will need to be tilted forward.

After that, it is necessary to dismantle the screws holding the base. Thus, you will have unhindered access to the drain pan.

Perform all actions as carefully as possible. There is a great risk of personally damaging the cooling lines, then instead of one problem, you can get several accompanying ones.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to call a qualified master who will help you quickly eliminate the identified breakdowns.

Kenmore Elite refrigerator


If the Kenmore Elite modification refrigerator stopped cooling to the desired temperature, then most likely this was due to the most common breakdowns. We discussed them in detail above. Knowing the procedure, you can quickly deal with the problems that have arisen.

A thorough diagnosis is necessary to identify the problem. You can do this yourself, or with the help of a refrigeration repairman.

Many of the parts that fail are relatively inexpensive. Yes, and replacing them will not make a hole in your budget.

It should be borne in mind that complex repairs are best left to a professional. This will save you not only time, but also money.

With proper operation and timely replacement of worn-out mechanisms, the Kenmore Elite refrigerator will serve you for a long time. It is important to identify problems early and fix them promptly. Thus, you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of spoiled products.