How to clean Whirlpool refrigerator coils

In order for the refrigerator to remain in working condition for many years, it is necessary to constantly monitor its good technical condition. First of all, you need to regularly and carefully clean the condenser coils.

These parts are the most important part of any unit. The refrigerant circulating inside the sealed system of the unit without their direct influence will not be able to reduce the temperature as it should. And their pollution can provoke an increase in electricity bills or even lead to insufficient quality savings of products inside the household appliance.

Condenser Coil Functions

It is very important to know exactly what the condenser coils are responsible for. But first, you need to talk about what other parts are in such a household appliance and how they interact with the condenser coils to cool it.

In addition to these details, the most important ones also include:

  • evaporator;
  • capillary tube;
  • compressor;
  • thermostat.

Refrigeration devices function thanks to the internal circulation of a special agent. This process involves its evaporation by changing from liquid to gaseous state. When the substance evaporates, the temperature inside the chambers decreases.

Condenser Coil Functions

It is worth giving an example diagram.

  1. The thermostat performs the switching task. It controls the degree of heat in the refrigerator and monitors its excess volume. Then it gives a signal to start the cooling process.
  2. Then the compressor comes into action, moving the special agent throughout the space of the unit. In this case, its operation is similar to the operation of a pump.
  3. At the exit from it, the substance has the form of a heated gas under high pressure. Therefore, it must be passed through the condenser coils. These parts transform the refrigerant by lowering its temperature. It then turns back into a liquid under high pressure.
  4. After that, the substance returns through the capillary tube back to the evaporator. This action allows you to reduce the pressure on it and reduce its boiling point. In such a case, it will begin to evaporate at lower values.
  5. As the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, it takes heat from the air inside the appliance.
  6. When the substance comes to the end of the cycle, it again turns into a warm gas with reduced pressure.
  7. After that, it again enters the compressor from the evaporator with a new repetition of the whole process.

Therefore, condenser coils are an essential part of cooling devices. Without them, the agent previously saturated with heat would not change.

Failure to function will render Whirlpool appliances unable to store food and waste electricity. This is because the thermostat will force the compressor to keep running as a result of the constant temperature increase inside the refrigerator.

Cleaning the condenser coils

Cleaning the condenser coils

Processing such details is not difficult. With skill and dexterity, such a process takes no more than a quarter of an hour.

Not all Whirlpool units require regular cleaning of the condenser coils. Some models require the services of a professional specialist.

In order to avoid mistakes, it is better to carefully read the instructions for operating the household appliance. Then it will become very clear to its owner what exactly should be done to clean the condenser coils.

Power outage

You must immediately disconnect the device from the power supply. Do not clean the condenser coils when the equipment is turned on, otherwise it threatens to cause electrical injury. It is better to unplug the refrigerator or change the position of the switch.

Removing the grill covering the condenser coils

First you need to find the right part. Its location depends on the model of the unit. It is located in the front or back of it.

Removing the grill covering the condenser coils

If the household appliance is in a niche, then it is advisable to push it out from there to gain access to the grate.

Sometimes a part is present inside the device. Then you just need to open its door.

After finding the lattice, it must be removed. You should press on its upper part and at the same time pull it from below. Then it is easy to separate from the refrigerator.

Cleaning the coil

The best way to clean this part is to use a conventional vacuum cleaner with the finest bristles that won’t damage it.

At the end, it is required to check the thoroughness of removing dust from the coils, as well as to prevent repeated blockages – around them.

Grille installation

After the deepest cleaning of the condenser coils, it is worth installing the grate and reconnecting the device to electricity.

The part is provided with support tabs that match the model’s metal clips. When everything is aligned, you just need to attach the grate back. It is also necessary to make sure that its installation is reliable, which will be signaled in the form of a click.

Then you can turn on the equipment again or turn the switch. Then you should put the refrigerator in its usual place in the kitchen.

His condenser coils are now clean and will not interfere with the unit.

Tips for using a household appliance

Cleaning the condenser coils is not the only important thing that keeps the cooling unit running smoothly. There are equally important tasks that need to be performed in order to avoid early failure of equipment. It is worth remembering a number of recommendations.

Cleaning the condenser fan

Not all models have such a part, but if it is, it is advisable to treat it every time you care for the condenser coils. She is responsible for supplying air to them, which allows them to more effectively lower the temperature of the refrigerant.

Tip: From time to time, the fan becomes clogged, causing it to stop. Then you need to take a vacuum cleaner or brush and clean the condenser.

Cleaning the condenser fan

Door seal care

Such seals are made in the form of durable rubber parts that are securely fastened to the outer edges of the appliance door. Their task is to create an airtight space around it, which helps to keep the cold in the chamber and improves the operation of the unit.

If syrup, juice, or any other sticky liquid gets on the pad, it will stick to the surface as it dries. After the door is opened again, this problem can cause the rubber to tear. Therefore, if the hostess happens to spill something on her, then she needs to immediately wipe the stain with warm water without aggressive detergents.

Checking that the freezer vents are unlocked

There are ventilation holes inside the freezer to promote air circulation. If the tank is full or the vents are clogged, then the appliance will not be able to fully store food.

Everything should be done to ensure that small debris does not enter them. Also, do not fill the freezer more than 3/4 of its volume. Then the air will circulate freely inside it.

freezer vents are unlocked

Cleaning the drip

Drip holes are mainly designed to ensure that the accumulated melt water inside the device is collected in the lower pan. If the passages become clogged, then liquid will begin to accumulate inside the equipment. Shortly after the tank overflows, it will appear on the floor.

The location of the drip holes depends on the model type. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully study the operating instructions for the refrigerator. From there you can get a lot of important information. After understanding what and where to look for, as well as after the repair, in the future it is necessary to check the condition of such passages from time to time.

Debugging temperature controllers

Checking these details is very easy. But their correct installation will help the unit last longer and better preserve products. In addition, the owner will quickly notice a change for the better in electricity bills.

For ideal preservation of food, the regulator should not be set to extreme values. Their optimum is between 38-42°F and the freezer temperature will be 0-10°F.