The light is on but the fridge is not cooling

Refrigerators, like any other household appliances, sometimes fail. At the same time, there are no visible problems. The bulb inside it continues to work, but the flow of cold air does not go. What is the reason for such a breakdown?

The problem may be a malfunction of one of the main elements responsible for cooling. These include the compressor, condenser and evaporator coils, air damper, refrigerant, and thermostat.

The refrigerator compressor is responsible for compressing the gaseous refrigerant. As a result of this impact, heat is released. The resulting steam passes into the condenser coil. There, the hot gas cools and turns into a liquid state, and the already cold liquid enters the expansion valve.

The refrigerant circulates in the evaporator coils that are inside the refrigerator and freezer. It accumulates heat inside the device, and then re-enters the compressor. Approximately according to this scheme, the refrigerator operates. The cycle that the refrigerant goes through is called the vapor compression cycle. Knowing this scheme, you can begin to search and solve the problem.

The light is on but the fridge is not cool

The light is on but the fridge is not cooling

The fact is that the lamp is powered by a separate circuit. The operation of the light bulb indicates that the power supply to the refrigerator passes unhindered. So the problem lies elsewhere.

Freezer works but fridge doesn’t

This situation indicates that the cooling function in the appliance is working properly. However, there is an obstacle that prevents the passage of cold air. This may be due to a blockage formed by a large amount of ice.

In this case, you need to remove the back panel in the freezer. Behind it is a thermostat and a heater. They need to be tested for functionality.

Freezer works but fridge doesn't

Freezer and refrigerator not working

Some breakdowns lead to the fact that at the same time it stops cooling the refrigerator and freezer. In this embodiment, the breakdown must be sought in both parts. Let’s take a closer look at possible breakdowns.


The compressor is an element consisting of a pump and a motor. It is this part that makes the sound characteristic of the refrigerator. The compressor starts the refrigeration cycle. You can find it at the bottom of the device, it is a tank.

Clicks that come from the compressor side indicate that the starting relay has failed. It attempts to start the compressor. But for some reason it doesn’t work. The problem may lie in the overload. Also, failure can occur due to wear of the part. The resulting malfunction may be due to voltage fluctuations. The good news is that solving this problem is quite simple.

fridge compressor fault

You need to replace the start relay. The relay is a small white or black element that looks like a switch. Often, manufacturers place it in the lower segment of the device.

Even a person who does not have extensive experience in repairing household appliances can buy and replace a faulty part. During repairs, it is important to observe safety precautions.

Condenser coils

The condenser is responsible for the heat transfer process. It neutralizes heat and cools the refrigerator compartment. The part is placed in the center of the system, directly above the compressor. The cold component circulates through the condenser coils

The resulting leaks in the coil disable the entire cooling system. For troubleshooting, it is necessary to repair the coil, as well as replace the refrigerant.

Fouled condenser coils

Air damper

The air damper regulates the flow of cold air into the lower sector of the refrigerator and freezer. Manufacturers place the element in a plastic sealed box. This is done in order to avoid cold air leakage. You need to look for the element at the top of the panel. Damage to the hull causes cold loss.


The thermostat performs the function of regulating the optimal temperature regime. This is a toggle switch that gives a signal to the refrigerator. Which mode to turn on at a particular time.


The element can be found behind the handle, which is designed to set the temperature. If this part breaks, even when the temperature is set to low, the corresponding performance is not achieved.

To carry out repair work, it is necessary to remove the thermostat unit. Next, you need to remove the wires and remove all existing pollution. If these simple measures do not bring the desired result, then it is worth replacing the defective part. The thermostat cannot be repaired.

Often with the problem of incorrect operation of the refrigerator, you can deal with it yourself or use the services of a specialist.