Why is my refrigerator freezing food?

If the refrigerator freezes food for one reason or another, this may indicate certain problems in its system, and their number is quite large. Below are just some of the common problems causing food in the drawer to freeze, as well as popular solutions.

Damper control unit malfunction

The opening and closing of the air damper is carried out so  that a sufficient volume of cold air can circulate freely inside the system. If everything works really well, there will be no problems. In the event that malfunctions occur, the temperature setting may be incorrect and the vegetables will eventually freeze directly in the boxes. Other types of glaze may also form in the chambers. If the damper is fixed in the open position, the cold air mass constantly circulating inside will cause the products to freeze.

In the event of an open state or malfunction of the damper control unit, this element will have to be replaced in order to avoid excessive cold and freezing of food within the lower chamber.

Damper control unit malfunction

Thermistor failure

In a number of models, it is the thermistor that acts as an element that is directly responsible for controlling the temperature mark of the air mass, which is sent to the refrigerator and then leaves it. All this clearly contributes to the direction of indicators directly to the temperature control board inside the system by directing voltage to its individual elements:

  • timer designed to start the relay;
  • compressor unit;
  • condenser and evaporator motors.

If the thermistor is not functioning properly, proper voltage settings will not be sent to the coolant mechanism. On the contrary, for this reason, the temperature will be excessively low or very high. If the thermistor for some reason does not work, this can lead to the continuous operation of the compressor fan motors or all three elements at all. In this situation, the refrigerator compartment is excessively cooled.

In practice, using a multimeter, it will not be difficult to determine the degrees of resistance of the thermistor in order to understand how it functions under various temperature settings, as well as to determine the degree of integrity of the part. If there is no change in resistance as part of the test, this indicates the need to replace the system in the refrigerator.

Problem with thermostat control

It is traditionally responsible for turning the refrigerator on and off in a timely manner based on the appropriate user command. The unit also controls the temperature of the air in the refrigerator and even in the freezer. It provides voltage to the motors of the compressor, condenser and of course the evaporator fan. It is on this principle that the temperature mark regulator is responsible for cooling the air. If problems occur, the compressor runs for too long, which causes freezing of food, as well as waste in the refrigerator. Possible ways to check the system:

  • turning the temperature regulator during compressor operation;
  • listening to the sound that is generated when you click;
  • It may indicate a shutdown of the cooling system or the correct operation of the thermostat.

You can also use a multimeter to solve the problem. If the continuity test is performed across all temperature settings, then the component is short circuited, so the part will need to be replaced. If the thermostat regulator does not work, it is unrealistic to service or repair it.

Problem with thermostat control

Difficulties encountered when operating units of a particular brand/model

Samsung, GE and Frigidaire refrigerators may have some difficulties.

Freezing Food in Samsung Refrigerator

This usually occurs against the background of the formation of a large amount of ice on the back of the evaporator cover in Samsung refrigerator. The problem may relate to the defrost mechanism, as well as a clogged drain pipe. First, the user will have to remove the shelves and dismantle the water tank. After that, the back panel is removed. The further course of action is as follows:

  • removing the screws that hold the rear panel in place;
  • providing access to wiring harnesses;
  • checking the fuse in case of ice formation;
  • connection to it of each counter.

If an audible signal is generated, this means that the continuity level is correct. If the heater is working well, the tube is probably clogged. If the device goes into self-defrosting mode and the water does not drain, it remains behind the panel at the back and freezes again.

You need to use a hair dryer in order to melt the ice on the back of the evaporator. First, the tube is removed, then water is poured into the compartment, it remains only to see if it can drain. If so, the tube is clean and water will flow normally.

After the cleaning has come to an end, it is necessary to replace the panels, shelves and other items that have been removed from the refrigerator.

Frigidaire refrigerator problem

Frigidaire refrigerator problem

Most often it is associated with a thermostat that controls the temperature. To replace it, you must follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • Removing shelves and unscrewing screws to remove the casing and damper;
  • removal of the thermostat sensor from the damper and control panel;
  • removing the handles and disconnecting the wire from the thermostat responsible for regulation;
  • removing the thermostat itself, which controls the temperature, from the bracket and replacing it with a new element;
  • putting on the bushing from the old thermostat on the new device.

All that remains is to simply place the control panel in the bracket and connect the wiring, shutters, covers and handles.

Freezing food with a GE refrigerator equipped with a bottom freezer

If this problem still appears, it is necessary to check the dampers on the refrigerator. If there is a damper failure, the part will need to be replaced. When the damper is released from the engine, cold air circulates at the bottom, causing ice to form. We’ll have to remove the shelves, as well as the air duct. You also need to look inside to make sure that the damper is not broken.

Another common problem is a broken thermistor. To check the degrees of its resistance, you will have to use a multimeter. If no change has occurred, the reading should be 16.6 ohms. If there is a deviation, the thermistor must be replaced.

Main control board failure

Main control board failure

The main control board in a refrigerator is traditionally responsible for regulating the power that is supplied to the entire appliance. If it is broken, it may cause problems in the operation of other components. As a result, the refrigerator compartment will cool too much, and the food will freeze.

Diagnosing the condition of the main control board is problematic, however, if you make a visual inspection of all components, you can determine the signs of fire, as well as loose wires or pieces, a short circuit. If any problems are found during the test, the main control board will have to be replaced. Depending on the make and model of the unit, the repair can be completed, although in practice a complete replacement of the part is sometimes required.

Temperature control board problem

If it really is, DC voltage will be transferred to the compressor and fan motors. Since this problem is not common enough, other solutions must first be tested using specific test equipment.

It is also necessary to understand what condition the wires are in so that nothing is disconnected and that there is not any erroneous data on the control board.

Temperature control board problem

Of course, in any situation you can act on your own, but if time is short and you want everything to work properly the first time, you need to contact a qualified master. He has the necessary list of knowledge and proper work experience, therefore, he will offer a sufficiently large number of solutions to the problem under consideration in accordance with its origin and nature.