What to do when Samsung refrigerator buttons are not working

In the Samsung refrigerator, one of its main parts is the control panel, with which you can build the desired temperature, monitor the status of the equipment, etc. In addition, the refrigerator can notify the owner of its condition, thanks to the built-in indicators. But what happens if the control panel stops working?

Sometimes, the reason why she may stop responding does not mean that you are facing a serious problem. The panel itself can switch to power saving mode or turn on the child lock. But also, a failure can occur due to violations in the control board, sensor, or power supply.

What could be the reasons why the Samsung refrigerator control panel has stopped responding?

There are many factors that can cause a device to fail, although not all of them are the basis for a problem. If you encounter an error, then before considering a non-working component, you must eliminate causes that are not related to serious problems. Consider the following circumstances that you may encounter.

control panel has stopped responding

Power saving mode

If you notice that the refrigerator control panel, after turning on, works for a certain time while you use it, and then turns off, then you should not immediately panic. At first, it will seem to you that you have stumbled upon a malfunction, but this is not so. This mode is the norm in the operation of the device. Switching off the remote control a few seconds after switching on occurs to save energy. The panel stops responding if you have not used it for some time.

This means that the sensor will not respond to requests when you do not directly interact with it. Therefore, in order for the panel to work again, you need to touch it, then it will turn on again.

Child lock enabled

Samsung refrigerators have a child lock feature. The documentation (which is issued upon purchase) contains information about this mode. It can be called differently, for example: dispenser lock, control lock, etc. The role of this function is that the device cannot communicate in the activated state. This is necessary so that children cannot accidentally turn on the refrigerator or change the parameters set in it.

Disabling the feature is easy. First you need to find the button responsible for blocking. It should have the inscription that is indicated in the documents, i.e. “Control Lock”, “Child Lock”, etc. Press and hold this button for three seconds or longer, or until you hear a beep indicating activation or deactivation.

Child lock enabled

Control panel failure

For the stable operation of Samsung refrigerators, the new models have many different electronic parts. This allows the equipment to work more efficiently, but such components, like any other electronics, can fail for a short time. Because of them, the control panel may not respond to some user requests. For example, you will not be able to set the desired temperature, change settings, or use any other function.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to fix this error. You will need to reboot the equipment by turning it on and off. To do this, pull out the plug from the outlet from which the refrigerator is powered, or simply turn off the circuit breaker. After that, wait a minute, and then connect everything again. Then a reboot will begin, which will take a few minutes. This process should help get rid of errors and short-term failures in the system.

Power problems

Power failures can also affect control panel production. If the device does not receive enough power, then it is obvious that it will not work correctly. When multiple appliances are connected to the mains, the circuit breaker may have tripped. Also, the outlet that the refrigerator is connected to may be broken, so it is also worth checking.

Power problems

To resolve this situation, do the following:

  1. Check if the power in your house is working properly, if there are any power outages in it. If everything works fine, proceed to the next step.
  2. Inspect the main electrical junction box. It should contain all the switches. Check if the toggle switch that controls the refrigerator is in the correct position. If it is off, then turn it to the right place.
  3. When the power and switch are in order, it is worth checking the outlet. This can be done easily, just connect other equipment to it and see if it works as it should. If the problem is in the outlet, then it is better to replace it.

When working with electricity, follow safety precautions or call an electrician who will fix everything.

Broken dispenser sensor and control board

Having eliminated the reasons written above, now the time has come to figure out why the sensor and the control board stopped working. These two components are one and are responsible for most of the refrigerator’s functions. In addition to controlling the dispenser, the panel controls the temperature, and there are also special light indicators. A component may become faulty in the event of a power failure, short circuit, or other electrical disturbance.

If the control board and touchpad fail, you, unfortunately, will not be able to repair them. In this situation, a complete replacement of the panel will be necessary. But before that, it is important to disconnect the refrigerator from the mains, so you protect yourself from injury and damage that can be caused by electric shock.

Broken dispenser sensor and control board

Popular questions

What to do if the Samsung refrigerator display stops working?
The refrigerator may have switched off for a short time to save energy. To resume its work, simply touch the display. If it does not turn on, then the refrigerator is turned off completely or the sensor is broken.

Where is the reset button on a Samsung refrigerator?
There is no reset or reset button on the refrigerator. But you won’t need it. As mentioned above, to reboot, it is enough to disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply for a minute, and then reconnect it. This method will restart it.

Why is the control panel on my Samsung refrigerator flashing?
Flashing indicates a high internal temperature. It is possible that cold air is coming out of the refrigerator due to the open door in it. Close it and let the equipment sit for a few hours to cool down.

Child lock. How to take it off?
To turn off, press the corresponding button and hold for three seconds. Or you will hear a deactivation signal, after which, the button must be released. The key is easy to find, it should be marked.

How to monitor the temperature in a Samsung refrigerator?
To control the temperature, you must press the button, which is labeled “Freezer” or with another name “Refrigerator”. After activation, the temperature will drop by one degree. When the lowest value is reached, the control panel will start all over again.