How and why you need to reset the control panel on a Samsung refrigerator

Throughout the long life of the Samsung refrigerator, it faces a variety of problems. Not every one of them leads to the need for complex repairs. Some faults are easily eliminated by rebooting the unit and its control panel.

You may need to reset your Samsung home appliance in the following cases:

  • the occurrence of a momentary error;
  • completion of repairs;
  • installation of new parts;
  • simple malfunction;
  • failure in work;
  • deletion of error codes.

The control panel is reset when the device is powered off by pressing the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons. The Family Hub™ is cleared using the red switch located on the inside of the right door at the top of the door.

Resetting the Samsung Control Panel

Resetting the Samsung Control Panel

The process of resetting the refrigerator settings must be thought out in advance, and only after that, the search for suitable methods should be started. Proper execution of such work will avoid many problems related to the overly lengthy process of troubleshooting various faults.

Adjustment of short-term errors or failures in the operation of Samsung units

For the effective functioning of household appliances of this brand, a very large number of different electronics are provided, which include the control panel and many other important details.

Some of them are prone to short-term errors and failures. It happens that one or more options of a technique start to work with errors.

It also happens that after a sudden power outage, its control panel simply stops responding to certain actions. It and other parts remain fully functional, but an unexpected failure, nevertheless, leads to various problems.

errors or failures in the operation of Samsung

Sometimes the refrigerator stops working for no particular reason. Then resetting the settings contributes to its complete reboot and the resumption of normal functioning.

Troubleshooting Error Codes

Cleaning the control panel can be helpful in troubleshooting any error codes that occur in the control panel or various sensors.

Parts replacement, cleaning or repair

Resetting the existing readings of Samsung units can be important when replacing certain parts, cleaning or repairing them.

Parts replacement, cleaning or repair

If a new component is being installed to replace the old one or a household appliance is being repaired, then after completion of work it sometimes does not start working. Clearing the error codes quickly helps him and his control panel reboot with the assurance that everything is working properly.

Moving or transporting the refrigerator

Resetting the control panel of Samsung devices is often required after moving them from one place to another, which includes shipping from a store to a customer.

It is equally important to carry out cleaning when the equipment moves to another part of the house.

Moving or transporting the refrigerator

A quick restart of the control panel will ensure normal operation.

Samsung demo mode

Refrigerators of this brand are equipped with a built-in demo mode. When activated, they stop working except for interior lighting. This option is very convenient when the unit is on display in the store or in the process of troubleshooting its operation.

In some cases, when resetting the settings, the control panel turns off. But a number of Samsung models are equipped with a special button to terminate the mode.

In order to thoroughly study the principle of its operation, it is worth studying the instructions for users. It describes in detail how and what needs to be done to turn off the demonstration.

Samsung demo mode

Resetting the Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel

Cyclic power up

To reset the control panel and the entire unit, disconnect it from electricity for five minutes.

To perform such a task, you should:

  1. Remove the plug from the socket.
  2. Turn off the automatic relay that supplies power to the household appliance.
  3. Leave the refrigerator for five minutes.
  4. Wait for the complete natural disappearance of electrical impulses in the control panel or other parts of the unit.
  5. Make sure that its control panel is rebooted.
  6. Connect the household appliance to a power source.

Over time, the inner chamber may become warm, and it will take several hours to cool down.

Press and hold button combination

Another way to reset the settings involves quickly activating various combinations of buttons that must be pressed and held on the control panel.

Press and hold button combination

Usually you need to turn to Power Cool and Power Freeze, which in many Samsung models must be pressed and held. A sound signal will inform you that the reset was successful. It notifies the user that the process has completed.

The button combinations are different for certain types of Samsung refrigerators. Therefore, before performing such an action, in search of additional information, it is necessary to carefully study the user manual.

Reset button

Some Samsung FamilyHub™ models include a method that is designed to reset the control panel settings. This type of equipment is equipped with a special red switch, which is located inside. It is easy to find at the top of the right door.

To perform a reset, turn off the red switch for a few seconds and then start it again. This action will reset the control panel and return the refrigerator to normal operation.

Return to factory settings

Samsung FamilyHub™ units also have another option to help you reset the settings and return to factory settings.

They must be accessed through the “Settings” menu located on the control panel.

Return to factory settings

Then you should perform a series of actions:

  • select “About FamilyHub”;
  • find “Factory data reset”;
  • enable “Reset”;
  • when prompted, press the specified button again;
  • select the “Delete all data” option.

Resetting to factory settings is a much more complicated, but also reliable, reset method compared to those previously indicated. This process allows you to uninstall them, apps, and files previously installed through the FamilyHub™ control panel.

The most frequently asked questions, the answers to which will help you reset the control panel settings of your Samsung home appliance

Does this refrigerator have a reset button?
In such units there is no special option for performing these tasks. But some models inside are equipped with a red switch, which is used for such purposes. If a certain type of Samsung household appliance is equipped with this switch, then you need to look for it from the inside on top of the right door.

What are the reasons why Samsung refrigerator stops cooling?
The unit does not perform its most important tasks when it is placed in demo mode. Then the household appliance does not work, although its interior lighting continues to operate. Resetting its settings disables the option.

What are the reasons why the touch screen of Samsung devices stops working?
It does not work when there is a sudden power outage. Interruptions in its regular supply or noted power surges can lead to screen failure. Then, to resume its work, you just need to perform a complete reset of the existing refrigerator settings.

What is the lifespan of Samsung units?
With proper care, they can last up to fifteen years. The occurrence of various malfunctions should not be ruled out. But they, as a rule, begin to make themselves felt when the life of the household appliance begins to approach the end. Understanding the basics of rebooting it in case of any errors will allow you to quickly deal with the problem.

Can the equipment be repaired?
Refrigerators appliances should be repaired if they work for a relatively short period of time. But, when the period of their operation approaches a mark exceeding ten years, then in order to save money, it is better to take care of purchasing a new unit in advance.