LG refrigerator not cooling and not freezing – simple troubleshootings

The refrigerator in the kitchen is one of the main assistants of any housewife. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the full life of any modern family. The refrigerator helps to keep the freshness of purchased food and drinks and save the leftovers of cooked lunch and dinner. But it happens that the refrigerator suddenly stops functioning and does not reach the set temperature indicators, as it was before. This always happens at the most inopportune moment, and then the usual way of life in the family begins to crumble. But do not immediately worry, cut off the hotline of the service centre or call the master. First, you need to determine what kind of malfunction suddenly occurred in your household appliance. It depends on the correct diagnosis whether you can fix the problem yourself and avoid contacting service centres and workshops, which means saving the family budget. What actions can be taken to independently identify and eliminate malfunctions in the LG home appliance?

Refrigerator brand LG stopped maintaining the set temperature values

* Linear compressor failure

In the event that your household appliance suddenly ceased to reach the desired temperature in both chambers at once – refrigerating and freezing – then in more than 85% of cases the cause is a breakdown of the linear compressor, and in less than 15% – the failure is associated with a malfunction of the starting relay. Such a breakdown is usually found in models of refrigerators with a double (so-called French) door.

Linear compressor failure

If the refrigerator compartment has ceased to maintain the set temperature, and the freezer is functioning normally, then this indicates by 80% that the defrost thermal fuse or its heating element has burned out, and the violation may also be due to a malfunction of the evaporator fan.

Such linear compressors, installed on new models of LG household appliances, often break unexpectedly, causing some inconvenience to their owners.

How can you influence the situation: if your household appliance has stopped saving the set indicators in both chambers at once, you need to remove the back wall of the device in order to understand whether the compressor continues to work.

* Breakdown of the starting relay

The start relay is a key cooling element. This element functions in tandem with the compressor of the device. When the start relay completely fails or starts to work intermittently, this is also reflected in the operation of the compressor of the device.

Breakdown of the starting relay

How to deal with this situation:

  • disconnect the household appliance from the mains;
  • move the household appliance away from the wall to freely reach its rear wall;
  • below you will find the starting relay. If you find that there is no continuity of work, you will need to replace the element;
  • you will need to call the LG service centre for advice on updating the relay;
  • after receiving a new starting element, it is necessary to install a new element and reconnect the household appliance;
  • check how the refrigerator works.

The refrigerator compartment of LG home appliance does not maintain temperature

* Fouled coils in the condenser

The refrigerant circulates in them and removes excess heat. When you notice that the temperature in the refrigerator compartment of a household appliance suddenly rises and does not reach the set values, it is necessary to diagnose the condenser coils. It’s possible they got messed up.

Fouled coils in the condenser

Instructions on how to do this:

  • disconnect your household appliance from the mains;
  • move the household appliance away from the wall to freely reach its rear wall;
  • inspect the capacitor unit;
  • if there is debris on the coils, clean them of debris with a brush with elastic bristles. If dirt is not removed by dry cleaning, a soapy solution can be used along with a brush;
  • Attention! If you used soapy water to clean the coils, make sure all elements are dry before reconnecting your appliance.

* Malfunction of the fan in the condenser of the LG brand household appliance

The successful operation of the cooling part of any model of LG household appliances is based on the constant movement of cold air. Air for its subsequent cooling moves into the condenser thanks to the fan.

Malfunction of the fan in the condenser

If there is little or no airflow, the fan blades may be blocked or the fan motor is not working.

What should be done in this case:

  • disconnect the household appliance from the power supply;
  • see if the fan rotates easily, and make sure that there is no debris on its blades;
  • check the operation of the fan with a multimeter;
  • in case of violations in the motor windings, you need to call the LG service centre to obtain a replacement element;
  • after receiving the engine, replace the old one with a new one;
  • install the refrigerator in its original place and connect it to the mains;
  • after some time after connecting the household appliance to the mains, check whether the appliance has resumed cooling and whether the set temperature values ​​are maintained.

* Temperature control thermostat does not function

This element in LG home appliances provides power transmission. A sudden interruption in the operation of the thermostat leads to interruptions in the functioning of the entire cooling system, or to a disruption in the operation of some of its parts.

  • disconnect the household appliance from the mains;
  • move the household appliance so that you can access its rear part;
  • find the thermostat – it is located at the bottom of the household appliance panel. Check the correct functioning of the element. This is quite simple to do: you just need to move its handle. If a click is heard, it can be concluded that this element is in perfect order.
  • in order to be completely sure of the correct operation of the element, you can additionally verify the continuity of its operation when moving the lever.

thermostat does not function

In case the LG home appliance thermostat is defective, you need to report the problem to the LG service centre and get a new thermostat.

After receiving a new item, replace the refrigerator thermostat and connect your household appliance to the mains. Check the correct operation of the device.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about breakdowns of LG household appliances

– What should I do if the LG device does not cool to the set temperature and does not give any notifications?
If your device does not reach the required values ​​and does not give any error codes, this may mean that the main control board for some reason does not detect any problems using the sensors. This type of error is quite common in LG household appliances with linear compressors. At first glance, the device works, but it does not perform the main function.

– By what signs can you diagnose a malfunction of the compressor of an LG brand household appliance?
A faulty compressor may operate but not reach the programmed temperatures. If you hear that the compressor is running, but the household appliance does not maintain the set temperatures, this is a clear sign of a compressor malfunction.

– Why did the LG household appliance stop maintaining the values ​​set by the program after the power supply was restored?
In case of sudden surges in electricity voltage, the main control board of the device may fail. One way to solve this problem is to reset the power by flipping the switch. If this method did not help in solving this issue, it means that the board is out of order. In this case, only repair in a specialized service centre will help the LG home appliance.

Do LG home appliances have a “RESET” function?
If you need to reset the LG brand household appliance, it is enough to turn off the power supply for two minutes. Such actions, as a rule, lead to a reset of all settings of the main board. If this method did not give the desired effect, you need to find the “TEST” switch on the back of the household appliance.

We hope that the recommendations given in this article were useful and will help you troubleshoot problems with household appliances.