Expert Advice on Samsung Washing Machine SUD

Samsung washing machine sud error does not appear by chance, but because the appliance detects too much foam in the drum. Simply put, this error means that your washing machine has switched to the mode of getting rid of excessive foaming in the drum. It simply stops working for 5-10 minutes to let the foam settle down.

Possible causes

In Samsung washers, sud error may appear due to several reasons. The main one is associated with the powder. The following may serve as the cause:

  • using the detergent which not intended for automatic machines. Manufacturers add defoamers to washing machine detergents, but you will not find any in hand-washing powders; therefore, you cannot pour them into a washer;
  • fake detergent of poor quality;
  • you have put too much detergent in the drawer. If you wash heavy laundry, it is better to reduce the amount of detergent you use, or try to use a special powder. If the washing powder is concentrated, then it is better to put it strictly according to the recommended dosage.

If the quality of powder you use is beyond doubt, then we may assume that your washing machine suffers from a malfunction. These include:

  1. foaming sensor malfunction;
  2. breakdown of pressure switch;
  3. partial blockage of the drain system elements (hose, pipe, sewage);
  4. control board failure (extremely rare cause).

You can fix most of the problems that caused Sud error by yourself. First of all, wait until the washing machine removes the foam itself. If after all of its attempts the error is still on the display, do the following things:

  • press the power button and switch the washer off;
  • open the drum and take out the laundry;
  • rinse the drain filter and run the washer without laundry and powder in it with water heating up to 600 ° C in order to wash out the remaining powder from the machine.

If during this mode, the washer again displays sud error, then there is a high chance that the foaming sensor has failed. Not all models of washing machines have this unit, and in some models its function is performed by the water level sensor, which is often called pressure switch.

Foaming sensor cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced.

In some cases, the system may display sud error if the foam cannot leave the drum due to partial blockage in the drain hose. In this case, you will need to clean it. The drain hose needs to be disconnected from the washer and cleaned with a cleaning cable.