Forget About Drum Problems on Your Samsung Washing Machine

If suddenly faced Samsung washing machine drum problems, there is no need to panic. First of all, turn off your “household assistant” in order not to aggravate the situation, and then start the inspection of the appliance.

Generally speaking, all the breakdowns make Samsung washing machines stop rotating the drum might be divided into two groups: simple problems and complex breakdowns. Simple causes often arise through misuse of the washer, but not always they can be eliminated by the users themselves.

Simple malfunctions

If the display of your Samsung washing machine does not show anything at all and the drum does not spin, you need to do the following.

  • Remove the laundry from the drum and restart the wash program. Perhaps you simply overloaded the washing machine with too much laundry.
  • Unplug the washing machine and try to open the door. If it does not open, look inside. If you see water – 95% of the times it is a clog.
  • If the drum of the machine does not spin even before the water is filled and, accordingly, the washing program stops and the door might be opened, perhaps the problem has to do with a foreign object that blocked the drum. To check whether the drum is jammed or not, just spin it with your hand and everything will become clear right away.

If you faced a clogged drain system, you need to drain the water from the tank. Use the drain filter, located in the lower right corner of the washer.

Many small and even not very small items may get into the drum of washing machines by accident, and they may simply lie at the bottom of the drum without disturbing anyone. But things may be different. If a large iron button or a metal bone from the bra – which is larger than the space between the drum and the housing – get into the drum, the problem is guaranteed.

Foreign objects simply block the drum, preventing it from spinning, and in the worst case such item may damage the drum surface. It begins to leak and all this eventually ends up in an expensive and time-consuming repair.

The cause is in the belt

Belt breakage occurs either if it is pulled too tightly at the factory, or if it has worn off because of long-term use. In both cases, the belt must be replaced. You can buy or order the original part and replace it any time.

If you open the door and discover that the belt is not torn, check if it is stretched – maybe the drum is not spinning precisely for this reason. Grab the belt and swing it from side to side, and then try to move it down. If it clearly slips, you need to remove the stretched belt and put a new one.

The belt may be okay, but it may have just gone off the pulley. In this case, it is also better to replace it, because they do not go off for no reason – either it is loose or frayed. If the belt seems fine, but it still goes off – check the condition of the pulley.


If the problem is neither in a belt, nor in a blockage or in a foreign object, perhaps the drum does not spin because of the motor. Start to check the motor with its brushes and coils.

If the coil and brushes are intact, then perhaps the reason why the drum is not spinning is in more serious motor malfunctions, such as damaged lamellae or winding. To ensure that the engine is really not working, you will need to check it separately.

In conclusion, we should note that some experts claim that the drum might not spin at all when there are issues with the electronics. To be precise, it does not spin because of the faults in the control module.