Frigidaire Furnace Error Codes

Frigidaire furnaces are now commonly used for commercial purposes. However, the customer from time to time can face the problems with its functioning. In such case he will need to repair it. There’s no reason to worry if that happens to you. Judging by the error codes given here you can easily identify the problem and start fixing it by yourself.

Problem Solution
Rapid LED: Incorrect 24 Volt Phasing.
1 Flash: Flame with Gas Off.
2 Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Closed.
3 Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Open.
4 Flash: High Limit Switch Open.
5 Flash: Rollout Switch Open.
6 Flash: Lockout Caused By Pressure Switch.
7 Flash: Lockout Caused By No Ignition.
8 Flash: Lockout Caused By Loss Of Flame.
9 Flash: 115 Volts AC Power Leads Reversed.
11 Flash: Broken Rollout Wire.