Frigidaire Furnace Error Codes

As users of Frigidaire furnaces, recognizing the cryptic language of error codes is integral to keep our homes comfortably heated. These codes are not just arbitrary flashes of light; they are the furnace’s way of communicating issues that need your attention. Understanding these signals will help you identify potential troubles before they transform into significant headaches. Let’s embark on a journey to decrypt these codes and gain control over our home heating systems.

Code 1: The Case of the System Lockout

System Lockout, symbolized by a single flash of the LED light, usually implies that the furnace ignition has failed three consecutive times. Your furnace is being protective and trying to prevent possible damage. If you lack expertise in furnace mechanics, it would be wise to call a professional to assess the issue. The root cause could be as simple as a closed gas valve or as complicated as an internal issue that requires expert attention.

Code 2: Pressure Switch Predicament – Stuck Closed

If you spot a pair of flashes, you’re dealing with a pressure switch that’s stuck closed. The switch is a safety measure to prevent the furnace from running when it shouldn’t, potentially causing unsafe conditions. This is a red flag that should prompt you to get professional help urgently.

Code 3: Pressure Switch Predicament – Stuck Open

A series of three flashes represents a pressure switch stuck open. Potential reasons could be blocked vents, a malfunctioning switch, or problems with the inducer motor. Your initial action should be to check for and remove any blockages in the vents. If the issue continues, you should call a furnace repair expert.

Code 4: High Limit Switch – Open

Four flashes indicate the triggering of the high limit switch. This safety device shuts down the furnace to prevent overheating and consequent damage. A common reason for this could be dirty or blocked air filters. However, if the filters are clean, it might be a more serious problem, such as a malfunctioning blower motor or a fault with the switch itself.

Code 5: The Phantom Flame – Flame Sensed Without Gas Valve

When the furnace detects a flame without the gas valve being open, represented by five flashes, it could be a false signal due to a faulty flame sensor or control board. Either way, professional help is advised for safety reasons.

Code 6: The Unexpected Flameout – Soft Lockout

The soft lockout, signaled by six flashes, occurs when the furnace unexpectedly extinguishes during operation. This could be due to problems with the gas supply or the flame sensor. A professional inspection is advised to uncover and solve the underlying issue.

Code 7: Rollout Switch Alert – Open

Seven flashes represent an open rollout switch. This safety switch shuts off the furnace when it detects flames or heat where they shouldn’t be. This is not a warning to be ignored. An open rollout switch could signify something serious like a cracked heat exchanger. You should call a professional immediately.

Code 8: Dim Flame Signal – Low Flame Signal

If you observe eight flashes, it means the furnace is receiving a faint signal from the flame sensor. The flame sensor might require cleaning or may be faulty and need replacement. If the flame sensor isn’t at fault, the issue might lie with the control board.

Code 9: Ignitor Circuit Conundrum

A series of nine flashes hints at a problem with the ignitor circuit. This is an unambiguous call to seek a professional technician to examine your furnace. The issue could range from a loose connection to a shorted or open ignitor, or even a faulty control board.

While this guide aims to provide insights into Frigidaire furnace error codes, remember that furnaces are intricate equipment. If you’re uncertain about any actions to take, always reach out to a professional. Knowledge about these error codes allows you to proactively maintain your furnace’s efficiency and lifespan, thereby ensuring a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

Problem Solution
Rapid LED: Incorrect 24 Volt Phasing.
1 Flash: Flame with Gas Off.
2 Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Closed.
3 Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Open.
4 Flash: High Limit Switch Open.
5 Flash: Rollout Switch Open.
6 Flash: Lockout Caused By Pressure Switch.
7 Flash: Lockout Caused By No Ignition.
8 Flash: Lockout Caused By Loss Of Flame.
9 Flash: 115 Volts AC Power Leads Reversed.
11 Flash: Broken Rollout Wire.