Get Rid of Water Leakage Problem on Your Samsung Washer

Samsung washer water leakage problem often occurs after the second year of active use, and it often reveals itself during the spin cycle. Problems usually arise due to hard water, wear of parts and components of poor quality which cheap brands install in their washers.

There are 4 major types of causes of leaks:

  • regular non-compliance with the rules of operation;
  • using wrong chemicals and detergents;
  • production defects;
  • damages of sealing surfaces.

When these factors work together, the probability of leakage increases several times.

The drum and its communications

To search for defective parts starts from the water supply pipe. Among the likely causes at this stage are:

  1. Depressurization of the drum. It happens when with sharp items that can make a hole or crack accidently get inside the drum.
  2. Local wear and tear, worn intake hose.
  3. Malfunction of the dispenser – retractable container for detergent. The mesh gets clogged due to undissolved residues of detergent. Water spills over the edges of the tray.

Another possible cause is the excessive pressure in the line which makes the water spill over the dispenser. Fixing this problem is quite simple: you need to shut water supply tap

Pump and piping

If a puddle appears during water intake and after filling the tank the problem disappears, it may indicate that one of the connections is damaged: it may be a hose leading from the filling valve to the dispenser or the one that leads to the drum. A pump or a pipe connecting it to the drum may leak as well. If there is a crack, then you will see water on the floor during the spin cycle.


Quite often, water flows out of the Samsung washing machine because of loose or damaged sealing elements.

These include:

  • Drain filter cap (it is located at the right bottom part, near the leg). If it is not tightly closed, water may run out from under it.
  • Rubber seal on the door. The front part may have cracks caused by a long-term use.
  • Seal mounted on the motor which may fail during wash.

There may be other factors causing the leaks: drum may be overloaded, the drain hose may be broken, or the bearings may be damaged. All troubles come from improper use of household appliances.