How Do You Repair Door Lock on a Samsung Washing Machine?

Due to security issues, Samsung washing machines use an electronic lock that locks the door during washing. In the lock fails, the washing becomes impossible and you will not be able to use your Samsung washing machine. Repair door lock and it will work fine again.

Detecting the fault

Users face three most frequent problems with the door lock:

  1. After completing the wash cycle the lock does not let to open the door. In this case, opening the door will require you to disassemble the washing machine;
  2. The door is not blocked even after specific clicking sound and the wash does not begin. Te control panel does not receive the signal to close the door;
  3. The most dangerous situation is when the door is not blocked and the washing process begins as water may simply spill out. Besides, main components of the washing machine may be damaged as a result of depressurization.

How to dismantle the electronic lock

In front-loading Samsung washing machines, the lock is located to the right of the door. Dismantling the locking unit includes the following steps:

  • Drain all water and unplug the unit from the outlet;
  • Remove the steel wire ring, which seals the rubber gasket, placed between the door and the drum, to the body of the machine;
  • Pull the rubber seal near the lock so that you could reach it;
  • Unscrew the mounting bolts on the front panel (hold the lock with your hand not to let it fall down);
  • Pull out the terminal that powers the lock.

Installation the lock is carried out in the reverse order.

Fault diagnosis

After disassembling the lock of the washing machine, usually, you can often easily determine the cause of the failure. If it is not clear, check the following things:

  • Thermistor resistance. It should be about 900 ohms in normal state.
  • The voltage on the contacts after closing the door;
  • You need to simulate the door closing by applying voltage to the thermistor and check the operation of the bimetallic plate;
  • Check whether the pin enters the hole.

Checking the serviceability of the door lock will require you to have a multimeter.