How to Drain Water from a Samsung Washing Machine Manually?

When using a Samsung washing machine, sometimes there might be situations in which the washing cycle needs to be interrupted with the water left in the drum. Let us consider how to act in this case, and how to drain water from Samsung washing machine manually.

“Drain” or “Spin”  program allow to release the drum from the water which will make it possible to open the door. You can also perform an emergency drain of water from Samsung washing machine using the emergency drain hose. By opening the emergency drain filter, you can drain the water using a special hose at the bottom of the machine.

Draining options

Using a hose for drain water

If you use a drain hose, you can easily remove the water from the Samsung washing machine drum. Carefully study how this process works according to the instructions. This method can be used if the drain hose is not fixed inside the machine in the shape of a loop. Loosen the hose from the fasteners on the rear panel and place it below the drum level. The hose must be disconnected from the sewer, so you make sure you prepare a container for collecting water.

Using the drain filter

The user manual will tell you where the filter used for draining water is located. It will be easy for you to find it even behind the decorative panel.

Having opened the panel and the filter itself, you can drain the water from the washing machine. Do not forget: the filter cap needs to be turned counterclockwise in order to open it. The water will start to come out even through a slightly open cap so you will not need to open it completely.

Using the drain pipe

If you decided to use the drain pipe, did everything you could by the water from the filter still does not come out even with fully opened position than it should be a signal for you! This is how your washing machine informs you that the drain pipe is clogged. To access the pipe, you will need to remove the back panel of the washer. Drain pipe – a small corrugated tube – is located under the drum.

Now you need to disconnect the pipe from the pump. You will see a clamp used for fastening – remove it to free the pipe. Now drain the water and restore the serviceability of your appliance.

Using the “Emergency Drain” option

Manufacturers of some washing machines (for example, Samsung) equip their washers with an emergency drain function. In this case, you will also need to open a decorative panel that hides a special drain pipe. The tube is easily pulled forward, and the water begins to come out immediately after removing the cover-cap.

Directly from the drum

If your washing machine is designed the way that it does not block the door when there is water in the drum, then you can remove it by opening the door and manually removing the water from the drum.

In top-loading washers, we will need to use some kind of a bowl to draw water: a jar, dipper, or a mug may work. In horizontal drum models, this method may be a good option in case there is not much water remaining in the drum.