How to find dead AirPods using the Find My app

If the headphones are completely discharged, you will not be able to find them using various applications. Try to remember where they were left and what they were doing at that moment. To avoid problems in the future, train yourself to leave your headphones in one place.

Things get worse when you lose your headphones. If they are completely discharged, there is nothing you can do. Buy new ones and be careful.

If the headphones have retained at least some charge, they can be found using the Apple Find My application. It is owned by Apple and designed specifically for this purpose. The application is also convenient in that it provides data on their last location. In most cases, this is enough to find lost AirPods.

How to find wireless AirPods when they are completely empty

Using the Find My app (find me) is the most effective way to find your missing headphones. If the AirPods are not in the case when they are lost, the app will determine their location with an accuracy of up to 20 meters using GPS.

find wireless AirPods

Please note: to improve the accuracy of the search, turn on Bluetooth and work through it.

The Find My app works best when the headphones are out of the case, if they are inside, you need to see where they were last used. Most likely, they lie there.

The Find My app can play sound on the headphones if they are 10-15 meters away. This greatly simplifies the search.

If the headphones are within Bluetooth range

Please update the application to the latest version before using it, also configure it. For this:

  1. Go to settings, select your name, then click “Locate”.
  2. Turn on Find My Device.
  3. Activate the “Locator network” and “Last location” options so that you can detect the AirPods when they are completely discharged or cannot connect to the network.

To start searching for your headphones, select the Devices tab, then AirPods. You will see their location.

AirPods within Bluetooth range

If the headphones are out of Bluetooth range

If the headphones are far away and completely discharged, it will be difficult to find them, but you can see the last location if this setting is activated. When you have this information, the search will go faster. If this happened at home or at work, the problems most likely will not arise. If you lose your headphones in a public place, the only thing you can do is go back along the route and look for them.

There is another way to search for headphones. It is necessary to activate the lost mode, after which a message about finding the headphones will be sent to the smartphone of the person who found them, provided that he has an iPhone. How to do it:

  1. Activate the application and go to the “Devices” tab.
  2. Select your headphones from the list.
  3. Find the item “Mark as lost” and click “Activate”.

Follow the instructions that will appear on your phone screen.

How to remember where you left your headphones

If the headphones were not found, use the tips to help you remember their location. Most often, AirPods are lost at home, because here a person relaxes. Elsewhere, people tend to be focused and in control of things. Therefore, the first advice is to inspect all the places where you usually left your headphones. If that doesn’t help, search the entire apartment. To get started, look under the furniture – a sofa, bed, armchairs, etc., and at the junction of the main surface with armrests / mattresses. They usually fall in there.

remember where you left your AirPods

How to remember where you left your headphones:

  • Remember what you listened to the last time and what you did, what emotions you experienced.
  • Go around the apartment or room, seeing certain objects, you can remember where to put the headphones.
  • Ask others if they have seen your AirPods.
  • Try to remember every step you have taken during the last time. Mentally rewind time. The task is difficult, but you try.
  • Forget your headphones and go about your business. After a while, it may dawn on you.
  • Think about where you left your headphones for a long time.

From now on, choose one place for yourself and always leave your headphones there. So you save yourself the trouble of looking for them. When you’re out and about, put your AirPods in your pocket so they never get lost unless the pocket is full of holes and deep enough.

How to get a new pair of AirPods

If all else fails and remembering the location of the headphones is unrealistic, contact the company and they will give you a new pair of AirPods.

To do this, find out the serial number of the headphones. It is printed on the package next to the barcode. Then contact Apple Support and request a replacement. Set up your replacement devices.

Steps to take to avoid losing your headphones

If you have AirPods and haven’t lost them yet, take steps to prevent this from happening. First, set up the Find Me app. This way you can start searching for devices when you need it.

Setting the application will allow you to detect the headphones, even if they are de-energized and discharged. The first time you download it, you just need to allow the location and follow the instructions on the screen. If you initially disabled the use of functions, go to “settings” – “devices” and activate them.

losing your AirPods

Buy an AirTag and a compatible case to charge your headphones. The principle of operation of AirTags is the same: the connection with the headphones through the application is established via bluetooth. However, AirTags has significant advantages. Their batteries last for a year, plus they use the global network of Apple devices to provide location data. This means that the headphones can be found if they are within the Bluetooth range of any Apple device. That is, other people will help you find the headphones, without suspecting it, provided that they have the “Locator Network” function turned on.

Buying AirTag, you significantly increase the possibility of finding lost headphones. You don’t have to buy new ones and waste your money. Moreover, AirTag is used not only to search for headphones, but also for any other things that you can attach a tracker to.

How AirTag works is simple. It is necessary to attach the tracker to the case with headphones. When they are lost, it is enough to turn on the sound signal on it through the Find Me application. If the lost item is far away, other users who have the Locator Network function activated will help you find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions interest headphone users the most.

Is it possible to find completely discharged headphones through the application?
No, this is not possible, because there is no energy needed to operate the antenna. In this case, only the last place where they were used until they were completely discharged is saved.

Is it possible to find AirPods if they are in a charging case?
No, if the AirPods are in a case, they will not be able to receive a signal from the phone. Compound Bluetooth will not install even if this feature is enabled on the phone. Remember how you connect your headphones when you use them – only after you take them out of the box.
There is an exception to this rule and only owners of AirPods Max headphones can appreciate all its benefits. They keep the connection inside the Smart Case for 12 hours. This time is enough to detect the loss and take action.
If the Find My app says “offline” or “location not found”, it means it can’t establish a connection. Focus on this information and make decisions based on it.


So, the only thing you can do if your headphones are dead and lost is to rely on your memory. There are no other options unless you have AirPods Max. They keep in touch while in the case for 12 hours. But when they are discharged, the chances will be 0. Third-party applications will also not bring results.

Be patient and start looking. Use the tips above. There is a possibility – buy AirTag and use the tracker to find lost things. Do not leave headphones unattended and teach children to do this.