Life Hacks, how to stop youtube from pausing

Every day, the highly demanded site YouTube shows more than five billion videos of various sizes to the network users. There is not the slightest doubt that this streaming resource is a world leader in its field and its work generally does not cause any complaints from viewers and listeners. But, of course, like any other service, it sometimes starts to malfunction.

An example of such a common problem is the unexpected temporary stop of the video. The best way out of this situation is to download AutoTube or YouTubeAutoPauseBlocker.

The point is the constantly activated autopause option. It is responsible for recognizing the user’s absence. Then the demonstration of the content is suspended. Browser extensions will prevent you from doing this by making it look like there is activity on the page.

If the video resource suddenly slowed down, then there are several reasons for this. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the explanations and advice about the situation.

Auto pause

The main focus of the service is fixed on the accumulation of funds from the sale of advertising content. But, if he works defectively, then it is unlikely that his earnings will be large.

Therefore, it was decided to implement “Auto Pause”, which immediately pauses the display of the video if there is no activity during its playback.

Auto pause

It is believed that this feature brings many benefits. It helps to recognize that a person is distracted or moved away from his gadget. But in actual viewing, this option creates a lot of noise.

In fact, there is no precisely measured interval, after which autopause is activated. It is activated only in certain cases. These include the one when the user does not interact with the screen for a sufficiently long period of 45 minutes.

Function action on mobile devices

To help employees stay focused on their jobs and avoid over-interest in video resources, YouTube includes a Break Reminder option. It connects in accordance with its name, that is, it reports that you need to break away from watching.

This feature is part of the latest version of the YouTube mobile app and is a great way to get the user back to work. In addition, it prevents him from becoming overzealous about videos. Sometimes this option is included by default, in some cases it is turned on without the knowledge of a person, or he himself forgets about activating it.

Function action on mobile devices

Potential Reasons for Broadcast Pause

Difficulties with the browser

Usually such difficulties are unlikely, but sometimes they occur. Sometimes your web browser is cache full, has too many tabs, or malfunctions. Then the user faces problems when playing the video.

In this case, you need to clean up. Then the browser needs to be closed and reopened. After that, you should also check for updates.

Difficulties with the Internet

Sometimes a connection that isn’t fast enough will trigger traditional spinning wheel buffering.

It also happens that the video on YouTube just temporarily stops for further loading. Then it will resume.

In the presence of a slow Internet, the videos on the site will constantly start and slow down. Especially often these things happen in Full HD or 4K.

Stop auto pause

Sorry to upset users, but there is no easy way to disable this feature.

The desktop version of YouTube does not contain updatable settings that would help eliminate auto-pause activation.

If you want continuous playback by a broadcast site, you need to get creative.

Installing the Browser Plugin

AutoTube and YouTubeAutoPauseBlocker are a couple of the most requested extensions. They are safe and effective, and also support full video playback.

Installing the Browser Plugin

Such devices function quite simply. They prevent the resource from stopping the movie, giving the open page the appearance of being active. Essentially, plugins simply simulate mouse movement. This action is not displayed on the screen in any way. Therefore, it is assumed that the user is currently active.

Other solutions to the problem

Checking your Internet connection

If Wi-Fi is disabled, video streaming will stop. If there is a weak signal, the service will also broadcast with failures.

To solve this problem, there are several ways out of the situation that speed up the Internet:

  1. Try to move the router closer to the computer.
  2. You should also reset your Wi-Fi settings.
  3. It is worth trying to use an Ethernet cable for direct connection without using a wireless signal.
  4. If you have a phone, it is advisable to turn off the signal and use LTE / 5G.

Decreased playback quality

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the video still loads and plays very slowly. Then you need to give up the desire to enjoy it in Full HD or 4K resolution.

Decreasing the quality of resolution to 720P will not affect the picture transmitted by most equipment too much. But the video loading period will noticeably accelerate.

Pausing YouTube on mobile

Pausing YouTube on mobile

If the account on the site was created by users under the age of 18, then it is better to disable it. In addition, the “Break” option is activated without the knowledge of any person. It turns on even if the account is used by older people.

It is recommended to refuse the pause reminder, especially since such actions are not at all difficult. You should open the YouTube app, go to “Settings” and select the “General” tab. Next to Remind me to take a break, you need to move the icon to the Off position.


Is there a setting to turn YouTube autopause off?
Sorry, but there is no such feature. It cannot be terminated directly on this site. But when using a desktop device, you can install a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox or Safari that will disable it.

Why do YouTube videos stop unexpectedly?
Auto-Pause checks for the presence of activity on the screen so that the viewer does not miss anything. The mobile app has a “Remind me to take a break” feature. It is possible that in this case, difficulties with Wi-Fi or other technical malfunctions also have an impact.

How long is pause on YouTube?
When viewing this application, it is worth setting the “Take a pause” option. Then, when streaming, it will be activated after 15 or 30 minutes, an hour, one and a half or three. On desktop, this feature kicks in after 45 minutes of inactivity, when the video pauses instantly after a certain period.