How to Fix the SD Error on a Samsung Washing Machine

If there is a SD fault code, your washing machine is overloaded with suds and it is not being able to clear it within the rinse cycle. This error appears in Samsung HE, as well as Whirlpool, Kenmore, and other machines. There are several factors, which cause this error.

Here they are:

Dispenser overloaded with detergent

The more detergent you use, the more suds it generates. Consequently, excess amount of detergent leads to the formation of excess suds. To solve the problem, you can add a rinse cycle without adding detergent. Some washing machines automatically launch an additional rinse cycle to wash out the foam. Sometimes it takes more than two rinse cycles.

To avoid the problem, please, use the type and amount of detergent as specified in the instruction manual. If you have just experienced the problem, run a cleaning cycle to remove any remains of suds from your washer.

Wrong type of detergent

It is strongly recommended to use the HE detergent, which is formulated for a HE (high efficiency) washing machines. If used in the right amount, its chemical composition will not allow it to produce too much foam. Please, follow the instruction manual and dose it as described in it.

Items stuck between the outer and inner baskets

A small item (a sock, pillow-case, towel, etc.) may get caught between the outer and inner tubs and cause the error.

Blocked drain pump or drain hose

Check the drain hose for clogs, kinks and bends. Unplug the machine and check the drain pump. If it is stuck, there may be a serious issue, which requires professional help.