How to Replace the Waterpump on a Samsung Washer Correctly?

Replacing the pump in a Samsung washing machine is not a complicated task at all and it will not be difficult to do it yourself. You just need to find the right pump for your device model and use it for replacement.

How to replace the waterpump on a Samsung washer through the bottom

Do not forget to unplug the appliance before you start the repair and drain the remaining water from it by removing the drain filter (put the bowl or a towel under the bottom of the washer).

To remove the water pump, you must put the washer on the side and open the front panel at the bottom or the door-hatch.

Remove the two screws near the filter. The whole unit (pump + nozzles) is secured with these screws.

Turn the pump clockwise, and pull the unit out of the case. Then you need to disconnect all the wires and hoses, unscrew the bolts connecting the device with the housing.

Now you can disconnect the faulty pump and replace it with a new one. Connect the wires and the pipes, insert the pump back into the housing, and fasten it with screws. Close the front bottom panel. It is recommended to pour some water into the tank to check the tightness of the hose connection.