Luxaire furnace error codes

Luxaire is a manufacturer of advanced home appliances, such as ACs and furnaces. They feature self-diagnostics systems, which display error codes and thus help owners troubleshoot and locate problems. Some errors do not require professional assistance, so you can look one up and fix it yourself instead of paying fees. Some components like, for instance, a heat exchanger, have a 20-year or lifetime warranty; also, you can count on a 5 to 10-year warranty on other parts. The warranty embraces repair.

Furnace Not Turning On

If you have difficulty launching your tuner, check the device and be sure that it is plugged in and turned on. If your model has a heat exchanger, ensure that the ignition control is on. Check the gas supply valves and open them if necessary. If you have a standard ffurnace, ensure that the blower access panel is fixed properly.


Before the heating season starts, please, check your furnace and ducts: chances are the systems could have gotten clogged. Remove all blockages, if necessary. Check all systems for leaks. If you find one, call your dealer and have all damaged pipes and tubes replaced or repaired. Use professional help to clean your furnace thoroughly.

Green/Amber LED Flashing

If your furnace is operating properly, there will be a slow green or slow amber blinking light on the display after a test. If you have a modulating furnace, you should expect to see a double amber blink. However, fast amber blinking means that the amperage has dropped below 1.5 microamps. Please, be sure that the gas inlet valve is fully open. Check the flame sensor and clean it, if necessary. If the error persists, address a qualified technician.

Red Light Blinking

If there is a red light flashing, something is wrong. Please, see the sequence to identify the problem. If there is a single blink, the furnace ignited when there was no need for heat. Does it smell like gas? If it does, shut off all electrical appliances and the furnace itself and check all gas valves.

If you see the red LED blink twice, the switch is stuck closed or the contacts are not opening for some reason. Check the pressure switch and the wiring around it. If it is loose, fix it. If the pressure switch is faulty, replace it. If you see six red blinks, your pressure switch has opened at least four times. Not unlikely, it needs to be replaced. If you see eight flashes, you are dealing with low gas pressure. Please, check the gas tank and ensure that it is full. Also, check the gas valves and be sure they are fully open. If the error persists, you need to replace the control board.