Meaning of OE error code on LG dishwasher

Thanks to advanced technologies, almost all modern models of LG dishwashers are equipped with additional control, monitoring and diagnostic functions. The mechanism of operation of the machine includes the stages of self-test – during operation, the technician diagnoses his condition. LG took care of the original equipment warning system. The system notifies about overheating, short circuit, electronics malfunction and other types of breakdowns using a special code, in alpha or numeric form. However, not all dishwasher owners are able to decipher it.

What does the “OE” code mean on the LG dashboard

An “OE” error code is often a concern before the end of a wash cycle. The main reason is the violation of the drainage of water. All dishwasher systems are interfaced. During the allotted period of time, dirty water does not go away, the dishwasher chamber is filled, it is for this reason that an error signal is sent to the control panel.

Water does not drain from the dishwasher tank for several reasons:

  • Blockage or air in the hose;
  • Leakage of the drain tank: mechanical damage to the chamber may be the cause of the leakage;
  • Breakdown of pump mechanisms;
  • Blockage in the filter;
  • Faulty water sensor;
  • Incorrect connection of the machine to the drain, twisting of the drain hose;
  • The formation of a blockage in the sewer.

What does the OE code mean on the LG dashboard

The “OE” error code is a problem that can be fixed quickly. The main thing is to take action in time, otherwise a malfunction of the drain, especially with frequent use of equipment, can lead to serious damage to the dishwasher, as well as flooding.

Tips for Resolving the “OE” Error

Some types of malfunctions can be easily fixed at home. Consider the main ways to self-repair the dishwasher.

Drain hose malfunction

Immediately after an error signal is detected, the position of the drain hose should be checked. If it is twisted or bent, the water flow will not be able to exit, causing the tank to overflow. To stabilize the drain, it is necessary to fix the hose so that dirty water can go into the sewer without interruption. Other parts inside the dishwasher may also exert pressure on the hose. It is necessary to remove all grilles and check the location of the mechanisms. The drain hose must be replaced. If mechanical damage or severe creases are detected, it must be replaced.

Drain hose malfunction

If a blockage occurs, disconnect the hose and clean it thoroughly. Remains of food and debris often accumulate, forming a traffic jam. If the sewer is clogged, you should call the master or try to clean it yourself with a plunger and special anti-blockage products, which are recommended to be constantly used for prevention.

Drain pump malfunction

Stagnation of water in the tank of the LG dishwasher can be caused by a malfunctioning pump. It is necessary to disassemble the case and check the condition of the mechanism for cracks and erosion. The pump may be blocked by other structures. Also, the cause of the structural failure is a malfunction of the drain pump motor. In case of serious damage, a complete replacement of the part is required.

Additional recommendations

In the event of an “OE” error code, the possibility of a leak should also not be ruled out. It is necessary to check the reliability of fixing the drain hose, the tightness of the entire mechanism, the tightness of the door closing. Almost all modern LG models are equipped with water overflow protection. During overflow, the machine, as a rule, turns off, and the corresponding code “E1” appears on the control panel. Before starting repairs, it is necessary to completely dry the dishwasher, reset the old settings and errors on the control panel, then disconnect the appliance from the power source. For safety, it is also recommended to turn off the water supply system.

In case of a serious breakdown, it is still not worth neglecting the call of the master. Working with electrical equipment requires additional skill and the availability of the necessary tools.