Most common problems with LG dishwashers

LG is one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world. Models of dishwashers produced under a well-known brand are popular among users. Despite the high quality of the devices, the owner may face problems sooner or later. As a rule, they are common and are solved thanks to the correct diagnosis and the implementation of a certain algorithm. How to find the cause of the failure of the LG dishwasher and what to do next will be described in detail in the article.

The dishwasher gives an “OE” error and cannot drain the water

The equipment is powered by electricity, connected to water supply and sewerage. Each of the designated systems plays a critical role in the operation of the machine. The dishwasher must empty the dirty water from the drawer in order to continue the program. If this does not happen, then the “OE” code will appear on the display of the device. Most often, the problem is solved simply and you should not panic.

Diagnostics of the machine begins with an inspection of the inside. Perhaps there were food particles left that could clog the filters. It is also worth cleaning the sprinklers and the impeller. In order not to damage the parts, it is recommended to use a syringe.

OE error code

After cleaning the elements from contamination, you need to try to start the cycle. It is better to set the settings to maximum power or to normal mode, without putting objects and detergents into the compartment. This will allow you to rinse the dishwasher and make sure that the drain system is working. If the machine gives an “OE” error again, then the user will have to check the hose. It is possible that the part is deformed (kinked or flattened), which prevents the water from draining. To eliminate such a malfunction, it is enough to straighten the element.

Error code “LE”

When the error “LE” appears on the display, the LG dishwasher alerts the user that the wiring harness has entered the insulating panel or the tray is damaged. In the first case, it is enough to lay a piece of Teflon between the insulation and the wiring. Even if this is not the cause of the malfunction, the user will eliminate the risk of similar problems in the future.

If the pallet breaks, the assembly will have to be changed. A clear indication of the incorrect operation of the element is the failure of the equipment to work, despite attempts to start. The new sump is easy enough to install, but the user will have to turn the dishwasher upside down to remove the old part. After removing the panel, disconnect the electrical connectors and clamps. After replacing the component, the machine is assembled in the reverse order.

Often a dishwasher malfunction requires access to the back of the appliance. Therefore, when installing the machine in the kitchen, you should not invent additional fasteners or decorative elements that prevent you from removing the device from under the countertop.

The machine refuses to turn on

Many users are experiencing this issue. Diagnosing problems on LG machines is carried out in a manner similar to techniques from other brands. As a rule, the reason for the failure of the dishwasher to turn on is the breakdown of the noise filter.

This part ensures the operability of the machine, protecting it from power surges. The protective node allows you to protect every electrical component in technology from damage. In addition to these tasks, the filter guarantees stable operation of household appliances by stabilizing currents when switching relays and other components.

The mains filter is located at the connection point of the power cord. Signs of a malfunction with a whole wire will be the strange behavior of the equipment. It will refuse to start, as if it was turned off from the network. There may be an opposite situation when the device independently selects programs or starts to beat with current. In the latter case, you should be careful, because in practice there have been incidents with a person receiving an electrical injury that is incompatible with life.

refuses to turn on

Most often, the noise filter does not function correctly due to non-working capacitors. The problem can occur even though the device has a sealed case with components filled with a compound. By the way, for this reason, it is impossible to repair the part. It will have to be replaced with a new one.

Diagnostics is carried out in stages. First of all, the user needs to inspect the shield with automatics. If the safety device has been triggered, it must be turned on. Next, you need to make sure that power is supplied to the dishwasher. To do this, just use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the power supply cover. The voltage is checked with a multimeter. If power is supplied to the equipment, then the most likely cause of the malfunction is the noise filter.

The next step is to check the fuse. It is enough to ring it, determining the presence of a gap. If the multimeter shows “0”, then the protective element is working, and if “1”, then the user will have to buy a new component and install it instead of the open one.

If the wiring, fuse and other components that affect the start of the dishwasher are in good condition, you can start replacing the filter. This procedure will not cause any problems. All that is needed is to disconnect the wires from the component, unscrew the fasteners and slide the part to the right.

Water appears on the floor

Water appears on the floor

Many users are faced with a breakdown in which a puddle forms under the dishwasher. Leakage on the floor is not only unpleasant but can also damage the appliance. Most often, owners of LG models are faced with a breakdown of the water valve. To replace it you need:

  1. Disconnect the device from the mains and turn off the water.
  2. Remove the valve under the dishwasher by unscrewing 4 screws.
  3. Disconnect power supply and hose.
  4. Connect the new valve to the plumbing and water supply.
  5. Tighten all screws.
  6. Collect the car and try to run it.

Do not leave a running dishwasher unattended. This is fraught with negative consequences. So, if the user left home, putting the car on one of the washing programs, then a breakdown of equipment can cause flooding of neighbors or a fire.

Leak in the drain pan, the fill switch tripped

A common fault is shown on the display as the code “AE”. In this case, the LG dishwasher lets water into the tray, which activates the switch. Often the problem lies in the failure of the lower sprinkler.

Leak in the drain pan

Confirmation of assumptions can only be empirically. It is not possible to inspect the element while the machine is running. If you examine the part with the device turned off, then many damages may simply be invisible. Thus, the user will have to take a replacement sprinkler and install it instead of what is suspicious. During manipulations, only a screwdriver is required.

Another malfunction that can cause the message with the code “AE” to appear on the display is the deformation of the door seal. You can definitively diagnose the problem by running a wash cycle. During the program, you should pay attention to where the water flows from. If the liquid is removed through the overflow, then the cause of the trouble is a sealant or sprinkler.