NF Code Solved! Samsung Washer

The NF stands for ‘no fill’ and means that your Samsung washer is not getting water.

This post refers to all front load and some top load models. Look for the following issues:

  • Check the door to ensure it is closed properly.
  • Be sure that the machine is connected to the mains and powered. If it is not, check the circuit breaker or fuse in the home fuse box. If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset it.
  • Make sure that the debris filter is not blocked. The filter should be cleared in the following way:


  • If you have a top loader, you will not be able to directly access the filter. Not unlikely, your machine has a different type of access than those shown in the screenshots below.
  • If you are using a hot water cycle, the water may be too hot. It is advisable to let water cool down a little prior to running a cycle.

Here are steps, which should be performed when the machine is unplugged.

  1. Press on the debris filter access cover tab and pull/fold the cover down. If there is no tab on the filter cover, insert a thin object into a slot right above the access panel and apply some force to open the cover.
  2. Disconnect the black rubber drain (emergency) hose.
  3. Spread towels on the floor to prevent flooding.
  4. Pull the white drain plug out the drain hose. Place a container close at hand and drain water from it.
  5. Turn the debris filter counterclockwise and pull it out.
  6. Check the filter for debris and damage. Clean it, if necessary. Insert it in the drain hose, push and turn it clockwise until it feels tight.
  7. Put the drain hose cap back in its place and secure the hose in the holder.
  8. Replace the access panel by inserting it into the holes in the lower part of the access panel opening, then push on the upper part of the panel until it fits firmly in its place.

What can I do about it?

  • Be sure that flood safe hoses are not installed; if they are, ensure that standard ones are used.
  • Be sure that the inlet hose filters are not blocked or clogged.
  • Be sure that neither the hot nor the cold water supply hose is kinked.
  • Be sure that water supply taps are on.
  • Be sure that the drain hose is not driven too far down the drain or stand pipe. If it is, a vacuum can appear and misinform the pressure sensor and prompt it to signal that the water tub has accumulated enough water, while it actually hasn’t. As a result, the water valves close before there is enough water in the tub.

If the items are moist at the cycle’s end, the washer is functioning properly. In Samsung washing machines, each cycle uses 48L of water – the total amount that passes through the machine over the cycle. Traditional top loaders use 170L. Therefore, the machine gets less than 48L during the initial fill, which can be misinterpreted by the pressure sensor as insufficient amount. Once the initial fill is over, the washer adds another portion required for the mixing of the soap.